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Sgamer82: Regarding the Shugo Chara! entry, given the cheerleader-ish nature of Amulet Heart's outfit, This troper's inclined to argue it doesn't really count as a panty shot. (This troper has never considered cheerleader's skirts flying up a panty shot so much as laws of physics at play)

Stm177: Some comical fanart of Princess Peach here

On And On Anon: This Trope Is Useless Without Pics

Seth: I agree, but finding the best pic for the job is hard. Where is Citizen when you need him?

dkellis: I'm not Citizen, but I can give it a fair shot.

Both are Kaede Kimura from Zoku Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei. LATER EDIT: Uploaded the picture. If I get yelled at for using a NSFW picture, I'm blaming you all.

Fast Eddie: Do we really need a picture to get the point across? If so, wouldn't a shot of some Otaku drooling on himself as viewed from the opposite side of the monitor be funnier? // later: Tried a variation on that. Here's the pull...

dkellis: I was going to try this, but if that example picture is consensus, then I'm fine. LATER EDIT: I'll just put it in anyway. Previous image was this.

Fast Eddie: New one works. Keeps the funny going.
Adam850: Moved these to the net trope Magic Skirt:
  • Somewhat subverted in Noir; despite various acrobatics in short skirts, neither Mireille or Kirika ever have a Panty Shot. Even in the first episode, as Kirika drops to the floor, feet first, in a seifuku complete with pleated skirt that, mysteriously, remains hanging down. Though if one looks closely at the face of the Mook she jumps at, he appears to see something we don't in the split second before she strangles him using his own necktie. Ouch.
    • That might be intentional, as Rumiko Takahashi likewise pushed to the animators of the anime adaptation that habitual skirt-wearer Kagome wasn't to be shown flashing her underwear, and after hundreds of episodes of being thrown around never did.
    • The same is said to have been ordered for the eponymous magical girl in Cardcaptor Sakura; despite short pleated skirts of both the schoolgirl and cheerleader variety and dozens of fanciful battle costumes, there's not a panty shot in the series. Then again, unlike Kagome and the women of Noir, she's ten.
    • Similarly, in a Fantastic Four story where Annihilus breaks out of the negative zone and attacks FF headquarters (around issue 250). He attacks frequent love interest Alicia Masters and hangs her by her heels from the ceiling. When discovered, she is suffering from what one reader called "the world's worst case of static cling" as her knee-length skirt sticks to her legs.
  • In the same fashion, Juri's skirt in Digimon Tamers flaps around freely when standing but is magnetically attracted to her knees when she sits or kneels (and she spends a long time crouching on the ground towards the end of the series). Ruki's Transformation Sequence (nekkid and glowy) is apparently perfectly OK, however.

Nornagest: Yanked this:

* Aversion, sort of: Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind was just too cool for pants.
** For heaven's sake, this troper has spent tons of time explaining that—if she were wearing no pants, she would crumble into ash and die from having spent so much time in the toxic jungle with her body exposed. She's just wearing very, very tight pants that match her skin tone. Her skin wouldn't crease in quite that way, either…
** Yeah, that match her skin tone so closely that it's filled with the exact same color of ink.
** It becomes clear that she's wearing baggy pants identical to everyone else's after she removes her leggings on board the brig from Pejitei...which essentially subverts the whole trope.

Point the first: It's an aversion. Point the second: The alleged aversion is itself wrong, and not in a way that would point to the original trope.

No reason for it to be here.

Spoonybard:Article says "Like most Fanservice, it is more Ecchi than Hentai."

I'm confused, because these terms mean exactly the same thing. "Ecchi" is just the Japanese transliteration of the letter "H", which is the first letter of "Hentai", which means roughly "perverted".

Schizo Technician: The difference between Ecchi and Hentai is the difference between the oeuvre of Ken Akamatsu and Urotsukidouji.

Mr Death: Or to put it into terms that someone who doesn't already know anime would understand (likely, considering the question), Ecchi is Playboy (you see some boobs, not much else), and Hentai is Hustler (you see everything). Alternatively, it's the difference between softcore and hardcore.
Sharm Hedgehog: My god. Some of these entries (on the main article) sound like they were written by either people who failed English, or people who were born in this century.
Nohbody: Does it count if the up-skirt is only viewed (or hinted at being viewed) by another character, not by the audience? In particular I'm thinking of strip (ahem, not that one you pervs) 1447 from Freefall.
Sharm Hedgehog: Does anyone else think that this should be changed to be about intentional pantyshots meant for fanservice or comedy? With some of these examples, it really sounds like people are looking for them.

Cassius335: How would you tell? And I don't care how much you think "people are looking", that's no reason to arbitrarilly delete examples. Yeah, some of the video game ones are a tad pervy (and the Magic Skirt one being removed is fair enough), but some of the earlier ones seem to have been deleted just because you didn't like them.

Mr Death: Well, there are a few of them that are along the lines of, "You have to get the DVD and freeze-frame it at just the right place to get a view of the three square inches that may be her panties," that probably don't belong in the trope listing. I do think it should be limited to entries where it's arguable, if not clear, that either the characters or the viewers are supposed to be seeing it.

Johnny E: So, despite my primary reaction to much of this article being to run away very fast, I shall try to put wiki-professionalism ahead of my own mental health - isn't the difference between this and I See London that this version is eroticised to some degree? If not, what is the difference, but if so, an awful lot of the examples seem to be in the wrong place. On the other hand, thanks to Rule34 I'm not even sure The Same But Sexy is a feasible trope distinction.