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09:36:07 PM Feb 10th 2014
Removed a couple of examples and rewrote a few others:

Examples Are Not Arguable:
  • Castlevania: Circle of the Moon features the Zombie Dragons: A Dual Boss that easily earns That One Boss status. One of the reasons for this is that they are both above you (and a lack of platforms and good attacks doesn't help). But you may recall the Ax, the subweapon that you stopped using because it goes in an overhead arc...
    • More in line as a subversion. Those axes still do not do enough damage to outclass the cross. To be even more frank, if you do not catch the cross, the rebound can score a free hit or two on the OTHER dragon. It's useful, but you still won't touch it. The knife on the other hand...

If it's an Infinity+1 Sword that's Too Awesome to Use, it doesn't count, especially if it works on the Final Boss:

This was a Good Bad Bug that was "corrected" in the Remake. Plus, "missing out on a reward" more-than counter-balances any "usefulness":
  • X-zone is a spell that removes enemies from combat. Like most instant death spells it rarely works on anyone you'd care to kill instantly. It works a lot better if you cast vanish on an enemy first (this may be unintentional), but it also works on the boss known as Wrexsoul, ensuring a quick end to an otherwise annoying boss fight (though you miss out on a reward).

Also, I rewrote the Top Spin example removing these videos. If they demonstrate the apparent One-Hit KO mechanic against the applicable bosses, I'll put them back in.

11:09:33 PM Feb 10th 2014
And the aforementioned videos are more along the lines of Difficult but Awesome than this Trope.
01:44:58 AM Dec 31st 2010
The Blood Sword in Final Fantasy II. In most battles, it sucks - sure it heals, but it only does 12 damage where the sword I had before it would do about 87 from the same character. But when you go up to the final boss, the usual tactics would deal like 8 damage, and Ultima 3 maybe 20...whereas the Blood Sword on your primary swordsman can easily deal high levels of damage.
09:30:55 PM Feb 10th 2014
Was this a suggestion or a removal? I'll clean it up and stick it (back) in when I make the Final Fantasy folder.
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