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02:07:57 PM Jan 31st 2016
Anyone else feel like they're wading waist deep in spent shells after reading this page completely?
05:19:19 PM Jun 10th 2015
Reverted removal of Real Life examples due to the fact that there is no evidence for Natter Magnet. If this was a Morality Trope or Complaining Trope then I have no objection for removal, but since this is a weapons trope similar to Macross Missile Massacre and other Spam Attack tropes, which are ENTIRELY possible in Real Life, then I object to the removal of Real Life examples. Please present why this became a Natter Magnet when no morality or controversial tropes are involved.
11:40:23 PM Jun 10th 2015
Please use this forum discussion before unilaterally changing a trope's NRLEP status, thanks.
05:33:36 PM Dec 7th 2014
new quote for page.

Enough dakka: "You must create a weapon that can hit every point in space and time in the multiverse... with bullets that are each composed of every point in space and time in the multiverse... at point blank range to every point in space and time in the multiverse... And to clarify, the term "multiverse" includes: all alternate realities, parallel realities, perpendicular realities, potential realities, imagined realities, unimagined realities, inconceivable realities, and impossible realities. So you need a gun that shoots at everything, with everything, when next to everything. Now... how can we achieve *dramatic chord* too much dakka?"

05:49:38 AM Apr 29th 2013
What happened to the Real Life examples? Seriously, "Natter Magnet?" So if listing a Gatling Gun counts under Natter Magnet, should we then go and massacre all Real Life examples (for example: Macross Missile Massacre lists *gasp* real life weapons, Stupid Jetpack Hitler looks like even more Natter with its description of actual Nazi wunderwaffen projects, and such.) Where exactly is the limit on Natter Magnet?
01:10:34 PM Nov 15th 2013
edited by
Maybe because there are too many real life example.(guns,guns everywhere). I wonder why there is a "No real life examples in this article, please" yet people add example in the other folder tab.
09:28:42 PM Mar 3rd 2013
"Fables came up with a fine mix of modern-day weaponry and Fable tactics: Take one flying ship (powered by flying carpets), load with all the guns that can fit and set up a chain of ammo depots around the world that can be accessed instantly by teleportation, and rain a never-ending solid wall of hot lead on the enemy armies for hours and hours."

The primary use of this strategy was against an air fleet dragons and assorted other flying nasties, with a 3-D field (essentially a sphere), and they managed to fill the air with so much metal crap that none of them survived. A two-page spread of awesome.
01:24:39 AM Jul 12th 2012
edited by efsfsefsdf
Okay, i really think someone should put back the RL folder. The excuse for removing it was "Natter Magnet" as listed in the page for No real life examples. THIS IS NOT WHY no real life examples were implemented.

Edit: Apparently, there was a edit war between several people and the mod shimaspawn and some other person. Shimaspawn didn't like the page, so he deleted the entire Real life folder.

07:00:36 AM Jul 27th 2012
edited by manhandled
What did Shima hate about it? Why?

EDIT: Actually, what was the TRS criteria for no real life?
12:39:12 AM Feb 5th 2013
If I recall, Martello was the one who hated it. When he was a mod, of course.

Someone really needs to take this to TRS.
10:09:16 PM Feb 5th 2013
Dude... Why don't you just do it?
12:42:02 AM Feb 6th 2013
Discussions of real life sections can go to this thread without taking up a TRS slot (especially useful since TRS is currently full). You can petition that it be restored there.
03:05:48 PM May 24th 2012
Lack of real life examples is retarded
11:35:05 AM Jun 12th 2012

12:02:39 AM Jul 7th 2012
edited by MicoolTNT
Plus 1
01:45:47 PM Jul 8th 2012
04:51:17 PM Jul 16th 2012
10:07:58 PM Feb 5th 2013
We would have so many real life examples... I have absolutely no problem with that.
09:37:49 AM Apr 16th 2012
how come there no real life examples?

Plenty of modern weapons have a lot of dakka, heck a gattling gun (hand cracked) was the more Dakka of its day!
01:08:53 PM Apr 2nd 2012
Where did all the Real Life examples go?
05:23:38 PM Feb 13th 2012
Zero-Context Example goes here:

02:44:40 PM Oct 20th 2011
Why don't we have Gears of War here in the Video Games section? There are a lot of bullets in the series.
12:24:46 PM Jan 9th 2011
Wouldn't Split Second (the film with Rutger Hauer) have a great (and hilarious) example of this after the first time the two of them get a good look at the murderer, and the straight laced guy breaks down before they head to the armoury (with a u - it is in London) looking for a "bigger f***ing gun".
07:37:09 PM Nov 6th 2010
Propose that this article be renamed "More Guns" or "More Firepower", as appropriate for a website written in English and read by English-speaking people.
07:38:20 PM Nov 6th 2010
Take it to Trope Repair Shop in the forum.

And you will need better reasons than "I don't like the name" for a rename. (See Everything You Wanted To Know About Changing Titles)
10:03:57 AM Nov 7th 2010
Well, it's not that I don't like the name, although I certainly don't. It's that this is an English-language website and the title is not in English.
11:09:38 PM Nov 11th 2010
07:27:09 AM Nov 12th 2010
...Seriously? Come on people.
05:14:44 AM Aug 10th 2011
Nearly EVERYONE who'd come across this site knows dakka. Even without knowing 40K itself! (I knbwo for a fact since I'm such an example)

There is nothing wrong with the name.

Now then, I'd suggest we shoot the suggestor of changing the name with enough dakka - but there is a problem, namely NEVER ENUFF DAKKA.
03:45:48 PM Mar 8th 2015
Dis naff humie git bettah watch hiz mouth bashin' good dakka like dat. He can take it up with da boyz in da complaints department. Dey need more good whiny humie 'eads an teef for da Waaagh!
09:58:57 AM Jan 16th 2017
This name goes against one of the naming guidelines for TV Tropes: "We no longer name tropes after a line of dialogue or a Stock Phrase."

All the other tropes with a name that contains a direct quote from work got changed. Why not this one?

I never knew or heard of "More Dakka" until I saw it here. Warhammer 40K is not widely known enough to get a trope name, just like any other property or work.
01:28:34 PM Oct 8th 2010
I propose this hypothetical weapon that maybe, just maybe, might be Enuff Dakka. It is a gun that fires a bullet from every point in space at every other point in space at quantum intervals of time. Of course, when we get into the idea of alternate universes...
11:20:22 PM Oct 8th 2010
The problem being the gun would have to be everywhere, so there'd be nothing to fire it at. Useless dakka is not enuff.
08:35:46 AM Jul 4th 2010
2 Evilest_Tim: which catastrophes with Su-24 are meant here? The only thing the search gives is that this bomber's reputation of the most faulty plane in Russian Air Forces was deserved a dozen times over or so.
07:04:16 AM Jul 12th 2010
edited by Evilest_Tim
Wikipedia lists it with a reference at the end of their page of the GSh-6-23:

"However, after two Su-24 were lost because of premature shell detonation in 1983, plus some different problems with gun usage (system failures, etc.), usage of the GSh-6-23 was stopped by a decision of the Soviet AF Command. For now all aircraft in the Russian AF are flying with fully operational guns, but without ammunition."

This references this:

(Hit control-F, type "page 194")
10:29:58 PM Jun 22nd 2010
I have to say, the picture and caption made me laugh.
08:18:50 AM Mar 10th 2010
You could have a universe filled entirely with Dakka... but you could always have another universe filled with Dakka.
01:14:43 PM Feb 16th 2012
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