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Here's one you might like. in the game Ten Six there was a handheld weapon built by the company "Brute Force" called the "Gatekeeper" It had the highest ROF in the game and would actually push your avatar around on his hoverboard.
Working Title: More Dakka: From YKTTW
    Stupid Flame War 

Fallingwater: not meaning to intrude or anything, but I added a small bit to the metal storm real life example and slightly rearranged the rest; now I see my edits are no longer there. I fully understand that I'm fallible and so my additions might not always be appropriate, but I would like it if at all possible to know why it was removed. I'm seriously not wanting to start an argument - I ask merely so that I can improve myself in the future.

Large Blunt Object: I pulled it for a couple of reasons.

1) It threadmoded the Metal Storm comment. If you want to put more information into a bullet, edit it in to that bullet rather than adding another little paragraph. Usually, someone else will do it for you, but in this case...
2) It started with "It should be mentioned, however..." Meaningless padding words that invite natter and sound like the preface to a Justifying Edit even though this once they weren't. If you have something to say, say it straight away, editing the previous information if it makes it work better. Again, if someone thinks what you've put in is relevant and useful, they'll probably cut the useless words and save the good stuff. However, the reason I pulled it rather than doing that was...
3) I didn't really think it added in any way. This is of course the most subjective part, but I don't think telling us how Metal Storm is Awesome, but Impractical will make the article any better - the point is that they can get a rate of fire of a million rounds a minute, not that it's an effective weapon or even good at sustained fire.

I was at the time pruning the Real Life section to only include the most entertainingly Orky or historically interesting examples, and a little edit saying how the Metal Storm system is "practically" more of a shotgun didn't seem worth it, so along with "this is a submachinegun that fires bullets" and "the M16 is arguably an aversion" (you don't "avert" dakka, you have it or you don't, though that Rifleman's Creed thing would be a good quote if we ever had the opposite of More Dakka) it got cut.

Sorry to cause a Dude Wheres My Changes moment; those are my reasons, hope they made sense.

Fallingwater: You're quite right, I'll try avoiding needless bulletizing and natter-inducing introductions from now on. Also, thinking about it, the trope does not actually have anything to do with continuous fire - just the sheer amount of firepower. Should have seen it myself. Oh well, live and learn. :)
Lord TNK: That had better not be a link to 4chan on the page quote. That is a Forbidden Trope.

Large Blunt Object: If you actually click the link - or mouse over it, if it's that scary - you'll find it's not. It's a page on 1d4chan, the /tg/ (traditional games - one of the nicest boards around) wiki, contains little more than the page quote and an uncropped version of the image, and is completely innocuous. The image is also on our own server, so we don't get SHITTING DICKNIPPLES or something. "Forbidden Trope" is a set of "rules" you pushed through basically on your own and doesn't impress me in the least. Yes, I sound weirdly like some other consensus-demanding whiner (scroll to top of page), but I think it's a tad more important for a page which claims to house "the oldest, most sacred rules" of the site. Besides, the parts of 4chan I frequent are a) fully aware of TV Tropes already and b) think we're awesome.

Also, pulled the Heavy quote from the second time - it's already in the page, and this page really doesn't need another page quote unless it's fantastic.
Fast Eddie: Here's a link to a demonstration of nearly sufficient dakka.

Enlong: Wait... so that thing is firing Tracer Bullets?

Large Blunt Object: (Psst, those actually exist. They've been around since WW1.)

Enlong: Hey, I'll take any chance to make a good Calvin and Hobbes reference.

Large Blunt Object: Fair enough. I've got eight slugs in me. One's lead and the rest are bourbon. The drink packs a wallop, and I pack a revolver...
Large Blunt Object: Dear christ, so much Did Not Do The Research...

  • It produces so much recoil that it has to be fired in a dive, lest it stop the plane in midair.
Wrong, idiotic urban legend.
  • Subverted: Saddam Hussein attempted to defend Baghdad against American stealth aircraft in 1991 via throwing copious amounts of lead into the air to physically hit them, even without the ability to aim. While he did succeed at shooting a lot of guns, it failed miserably.
Not a subversion, and basically untrue. It's called "anti-aircraft artillery". Everyone uses it.
  • Subverted: Pretty much every major preliminary bombardment in WW1 and, to a lesser extent, WW2 succeeded only in making the ground a bit muddy and scorching the concrete bunkers. No matter how much dakka you use - and htey used a lot, nothing short of an A-bomb could really break some of the fortresses in those wars. Of course...
So fucking wrong. Artillery wasted hundreds of square kilometres of France, blasted towns flat and slaughtered troops caught in the open. It just wasn't effective enough against dug-in infantry. Again, not a subversion, and that's a sustained bombardment, not a case of More Dakka. ...Have what exactly to do with a trope about automatic weapons?

Haesslich: Took out the following bit, since the entry for Fallout already mentioned the minigun as an available weapon with More Dakka.
  • Fallout 3 has the minigun that can be devastating even if you have low heavy weapons skill. Why? Because it has more dakka! Spray and pray!

Bob: Someone cut quotes without saving them.

Leaving a trail of destruction
That's second to none
— Judas Priest, “Rapid Fire”

Ultima Ratio Regum ("The final argument of kings")
Motto engraved on French cannons at the direction of Louis XIV

T Beholder: moved to Flechette Storm
  • Sorcerers in Exalted can learn a spell called "Death of Obsidian Butterflies." The sorcerer sends what is basically a cloud of glass shards at a target in a 10 meter wide cone. This is a first circle spell.

Clendy82: I would like to submit This Picture for the tropers' approval as possible new trope cover art.

Rogue 7: Cool pic. But since More Dakka is a product of da Greenskinz, I don't think they should be removed from the page. —- Mark Z: Before adding examples to this page, please consider whether they really fit. Big, loud weapons by themselves don't fit. To achieve More Dakka, you need either a gun with a crazy high rate of fire, or many guns firing together. —-

Wareq: This talk page should be called the Temple of Dakka.
Nohbody: Stupid question time, maybe, but why remove the "enough baka" comment? I mean, if this was The Other Wiki, yeah I could see nuking it... but then again The Other Wiki wouldn't have this page at all. It seemed like a harmless little joke that works fine in a Just for Fun article.

ninjacrat: Everybody drink!

Nohbody: Which doesn't, y'know, actually answer the question.
Nohbody: Empire At War anti-fighter frigate example belongs in Beam Spam, that's why it was deleted (and posted in the right place), Pyromaniac1337.

Pyromaniac1337: Thanks for that. Shows how much I know about tropes when I completely forgot Beam Spam existed. Could I instead bring up the Rebellion's Corellian Gunboat (primary weapon is missiles), or would that belong more in Macross Missile Massacre? Also, would anyone mind if I went on a editing spree and added Star Wars: Empire at War stuff to a lot of places (like Critical Existence Failure and Car Fu)?

Nohbody: Yes, the gunboat would more apply to MMM. More Dakka is about slug-throwers, basically. As for the edit spree, feel free... as long as the examples are actually relevant to the tropes in question. Admittedly, relevance is something I fail at, too, at times.

Pyromaniac1337: Holy crap I just remembered an actual slugthrower example from the Ea W expansion, Forces of Corruption. The Vengeance-class frigate. Already added to the Video Games section, but feel free to double check and remove if it still doesn't fit.

sfnhltb: Would the scene from "Split Second" qualify here - one of the funniest scenes in any movie "We need bigger f***ing guns!"

Kaitou1412 Took out one of the Shotgun MIRV entries, seriously there were 2, right on top of each other.
Nohbody: Why does the "no such thing as nuff dakka" line keep getting deleted? There's nothing wrong with a nod towards the source of the trope name that doesn't make the entry unreadable. Put it back, pending a reason other than "I don't like it" for its removal.