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01:02:33 PM Aug 21st 2015
  • Firefly: Hoban "Wash" Washburne is a geeky, Non-Action Guy who is usually acting as the moral compass if Kaylee isn't around. His wife Zoe? Yeah. Stoic, gunslinging Action Girl, ex-soldier, and the ship's second in command. Wash fully admits his wife could kill him with her pinky if she were so inclined.

Has been readded when I took it away because Wash is boyish, not feminine.
05:28:07 PM Nov 19th 2013
I suppose a Camp Straight guy with a Lad-ette girlfriend might or might not qualify.
02:04:56 AM Nov 20th 2013
I expect they would.
02:57:30 PM Jun 19th 2013
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I deleted this wick:

  • In Jane Eyre, the title character has more moral strength and self-worth than Mr. Rochester. His feminine side comes out in the course of the relationship.

Mr Rochester is very masculine and a true Byronic Hero. He's not feminine in the least. Unless somebody provides evidence from the novel and proves me wrong, I say this couple is not an example of this trope.

05:26:52 PM Mar 18th 2013
From the list near the end of the description:

"The guy or girl do not have to weaker or stronger than the other to not fall under this."

I think this is really unclear — I'm not even sure what it's trying to say. Any ideas for a tweak to make it clearer?
03:29:32 AM Jun 20th 2013
"This is not a trope about relative strength — it does not require that either party be stronger than the other."

01:32:37 PM Apr 7th 2012
Can somebody please explain how Ovid's Hermaphroditus (a normal boy bathing in a pool) and Salmacis (a horny nymph) are this trope? Them fusing together into a single hermaphroditic Biological Mash Up is not this trope.
02:55:59 PM Jun 19th 2013
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That's not the example of this trope. Shoehorning.

I removed the entry.

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