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04:12:31 PM Jan 18th 2017
I don't see how "* Word of God implies this for Jedi in some eras of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Sex is not forbidden, but attachment is. Think on that for a second."

Is remotely relevant to this trope, or even the Fringe Horror trope referenced to the end. "Think on that for a second" They have one night stands, so what?
08:06:06 PM Jan 28th 2016
How is this trope different from Marital Rape License? Is there even a distinction? The trope description says "For the trope about wives "putting up with" sex they don't actually want, see Marital Rape License" but if a woman was having sex because she wanted to (and not because she was putting up with it) than it wouldn't really count as Lie Back And Thinkof England.

I'm just curious as to what the difference is?

12:23:03 AM Jan 29th 2016
The difference is that this one is consensual, it's just that the woman doesn't like it. That trope is about nonconsensual intercourse being treated as OK if it happens within a marriage.
06:25:58 AM Jan 29th 2016
Ah, so Lie Back And Thinkof England is for when a wife begrudgingly consents, while Marital Rape License is when a wife is forced without consent.

How would it be established in a story whether or not a wife was being raped by her husband or consenting begrudgingly?

Also, the descriptions for both tropes are confusing. The description for Marital Rape License includes the line "On occasion (though not necessarily), this trope overlaps with Lie Back and Think of England, where sex is just another chore instead of something done for mutual pleasure."
10:00:50 PM Aug 25th 2014
The description doesn't match how I thought of the phrase being used - this is a trope that honestly *surprises* me with it's definition, and Iím not sure I agree with it.

My understanding of the phrase was always more 'do it for the greater good': That it applies where a person has married without affection for political or social reasons, and the actual mechanics of marriage are distasteful therefore. It's not necessarily that they don't think women can enjoy sex - it's that they don't expect to enjoy it in this marriage, because affection and attraction were not part of the reason they married. (Or are having sex: Occasionally it gets used when the person in question is a spy or something, and expected to have sex as part of a role they need to play.)
01:02:34 AM Aug 26th 2014
Online sources use the current page definition as far as I can tell.
01:11:45 PM Jun 7th 2012
edited by Stoogebie
Am I the only person who started laughing at how ironic it is that some fangirls really do think of England - but would be the exact opposite of this trope?
02:00:02 PM Feb 10th 2013

I didn't think of it until now, but I definitely laughed!
08:45:03 PM Feb 23rd 2013
I came here specifically to say that. I've had hetalia on the brain today.
04:06:38 PM Aug 5th 2010
edited by RedWren
What does the picture have to do with...anything? I don't even get it from the caption... I mean, it's England, but it took me a second to even get that—and I'm guessing, I only know of the show from this wiki.
08:14:39 PM Aug 5th 2010
edited by callsignecho
Lie Back and Think of England Nevermind. Thought this was a different page. IDK either.
03:11:28 PM Apr 6th 2011
There is a Lie Back and Think of England page and a Lie Back And T Hink Of England page, both of which are the same but the latter comes out looking wrong when people write it out.
01:16:58 PM Jun 7th 2012
Was the former page image from Hetalia? That would explain a lot...and certainly wouldn't be this trope...
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