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09:22:14 AM Jul 20th 2015
I see the page quote has changed many times. There was no reason given for deleting the quote from Recoil, so I put it back.
10:47:20 AM Oct 23rd 2013
Pulled this:

  • Harry Potter, of all places. Wizards seem to consider hexing someone superior to just punching or shooting someone. However, that doesn't stop the Power Trio from slugging people (or getting slugged themselves).
    • Second book: Millicent Bulstrode chucks her wand and gets Hermione into a headlock.
    • Third book: Hermione slaps Malfoy.
      • Third Movie: Hermione punches Malfoy.
      • Third book and movie: Harry tackles Sirius before he even thinks of taking his wand out.
    • Fifth book: Malfoy insults Mrs. Weasley and Lily Potter after a less-than-stellar Quidditch performance from Gryffindor. Harry and George proceed to pound the shit out of him, and Fred has to be held back by the rest of the team. Professor McGonagall tells Harry and George off for fighting like Muggles.
    • Sixth book: Ron punches Harry for insulting Romilda Vane, who spiked the candy Ron ate with love potion (the candy was intended for Harry).
    • Seventh book: Huge magical battle. Curses flying everywhere, everything's bewitched, magical creatures are proceeding to demolish Hogwarts. Ron punches Malfoy.
      • Can't really forget when Hermione beats the crap out of Ron for a minute before she remembers that she's a witch and tries to hex him instead.
    • Rubeus Hagrid is also rather fond of this (him not being a fully qualified wizard likely has a lot to do with it). Though he does use magic on occasion, he's more apt to use the insane strength granted by his giant blood. His giant heritage also grants him resistance to magic allowing him to shrug off ranged magic atttacks so he can get close enough. Examples:
      • Book 4: When Igor Karkaroff insults Dumbledore and spits at his feet, Hagrid grabs the man, lifts him up into the air, and pins him to a tree. With one hand.
      • Book 5: When confronted by SIX ministry wizards, Hagrid uses brute force to school the lot of them. One of them was thrown around 10 feet into the air, and two others were KO'd with a single punch each.
      • Book 7: During the Battle of Hogwarts, Hagrid takes out Walden Macnair by throwing him clear across the Great Hall and into the wall on the opposite side. The man doesn't get up.

Now, obviously the first bit has to go. But I think the Hagrid examples may be worth keeping, since it's Hagrid (presumably untrained) keeping up with magic-users with nothing but his size and instinct. Does that count?
09:21:09 AM Jul 20th 2015
The second book might be worth mentioning, though given it was supposed to be a formal duel, Bulstrode physically assaulting Granger was probably supposed to be an example of jerkass delinquent rather than "good fighter". Still, there's something to be said for a strategy that works.
05:23:37 PM Oct 22nd 2013
So going by the description, this trope is "style-less free-for-all brawler." That said, I see it used most often on the wiki (and on the page) as a fighter in a combat work who uses boxing-style techniques, which are far from styleless.

I really feel like the description needs to be redone, or else we need to YKTTW a "boxing as a fighting-style" trope.
08:39:29 AM Oct 23rd 2013
So I went and made a YKTTW.

I'm also noticing a lot of the examples are definitely Combat Breakdown, where people are resorting to a slugfest at the end of a drawn out fight.
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