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11:46:58 AM Apr 10th 2018
edited by jelabarre59
An entry to add to the "Real Life" section: Space Research Corporation (a ballistics research company, the ones who were building Iraq's cannons for "Project Babylon") had built a series of "glass cannons" for the purpose of studying propellant burn & propagation. They would film them with high-speed cameras (this was early-mid 1970's) and fire them off. Only good for one firing, but they made multiples of these. Unfortunately it's been over 40 years since I read the manuals on these (my father had edited them), so I can't provide much more detail than that.

(and just after I wrote this, I see I already wrote a comment on it. Can I figure out how to delete this duplicate one? If not, Just look to the other one).
06:31:37 AM Mar 28th 2018
  • Superman: The Daxamites are an alien race related to the Kryptonians that share many of their powers under exposure to yellow sun. As such, Daxamites are capable the same potential of destruction as their counterparts (made even worse by the race tendency to be Absolute Xenophobes and not refraining from minimizing damage around them), the difference is that their main weaknesses is exposure to lead, which is even deadlier than exposure to Kryptonite since Kryptonians recover quickly after being moved away from it - once lead is inside Daxamites' body, its not going away and it will slowly kill them. While they can be as strong as Superman, Daxamites can be easily brought down using just conventional firearms.

  1. That's Kryptonite Factor, not this trope. Put them in an environment with no lead (say: a space station), and they're Superman with even less exploitable weaknesses.
  2. Daxamites are more a part of the Legion Of Superheroes world than Superman's.
07:15:16 AM Mar 28th 2018
I'd argue that it's more Weaksauce Weakness than Kryptonite Factor, but yeah. Not this trope.
06:28:32 AM Nov 12th 2015
Real "glass cannon"

The funny thing is, when I recently saw the phrase "glass cannon" show up, I took it more literally. Back in the late 1970's I had read a paper on exactly that device. It was built by Space Research Corporation (, as a means of studying propellant burn/propagation. They had a number of breach-ends made out of a thick glass, which they would load with various experimental charges, then would film them with a high-speed camera while firing them. Only good for one use each, but they weren't intending to fire projectiles anyway. Unfortunately, don't have anything in my father's papers about it (he probably wrote the manual for it). Seems to be an obscure enough project that I can't find anything on it in web searches. Perhaps there's something still in a box at my sister's house.
10:26:46 AM Oct 16th 2013
The video games folder was so large, all the folders on the page broke. I created a separate page for them, but it probably has to be cleaned up a bit.
07:18:07 PM Aug 9th 2013
Where's the Visual Pun image? Aren't Visual Pun images perfectly fine?
12:46:51 AM Dec 6th 2013
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10:23:45 AM Nov 21st 2012
Oi oi, what happened to the real life section?
06:56:23 AM May 11th 2013
It was removed without much of any explanation. I went ahead and restored it with a note. If there was some consensus to remove it, someone please let me know.
08:37:50 PM Oct 27th 2011
is the quote on the picture very related? it seems like it'd be better to have something more obviously about "glass-cannon-ness"
03:31:00 PM Jul 26th 2012
Yeah, it really has nothing to do with this trope. At all.
11:48:44 PM Jul 26th 2012
It's a diagram showing stats for a weapon that has high attack and low defense. An image of the same thing from Warning Forever might be more clear.
07:15:20 PM Jul 24th 2013
Then why was the picture removed? We could simply add the picture back without the caption.
07:48:48 AM Jan 24th 2011
Any thoughts re including Sunspot (Roberto Da Costa) and/or Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) in the X-Men / New Mutants section? Although Roberto was super strong he was not invulnerable, and Sam was only invulnerable while he was blasting.
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