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Sikon: Actually, Siege Engines have Fortified armor, so they're as hard to destroy as buildings with the same HP. Mortar Teams are a better example, so I changed it.

Large Blunt Object: I don't know who put 40k Tau here, but they absolutely do not belong; cannon yes, glass no. They're also not remotely Fragile Speedster, so pulled that too.

Ziz(backup): In the Do W video game the Tau are most certianly glass cannons (hilariously weak HP stats abound), with the Eldar actually being tough-as-nails comparatively. Perhaps this is an inversion of the tabletop though?

Gentlemens Dame 883: Whoa, ninjacrat, just... whoa. That sort of wholesale zapping would be called vandalism if we were to assume bad faith. Please do explain your actions?

ninjacrat: What do you specifically object to?

Unknown Troper: I'm not Gentlemens Dame 883, but from the Page History I'd assume (s?)he was objecting to your zap of the Real Life section, given that (s?)he had to restore it.