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04:14:32 PM Nov 6th 2012
Should Shinji be added? Gurren Lagann, Guilty Crown and Mirai Nikki have protagonists who start out as him and then evolve in their own ways.
11:24:33 AM Nov 5th 2012
Fountain of Expies has an inconsistent description. The beginning says, "This entry is trivia, which is cool and all, but not a trope. On a work, it goes on the Trivia tab." Then it says, "A Sub-Trope of Follow the Leader. A Super Trope to: Alice Allusion, Big Red Devil, ..."

If Fountain of Expies is not a trope, then it must not be a sub trope or super trope of anything. It can't be a trope and no trope.

One possible fix is to declare that Fountain of Expies is a trope. Then I would have to move all the examples off all those Trivia tabs. The other possible fix is to write that Fountain of Expies is not a sub trope or super trope of anything. I am now making this fix.
04:06:24 PM Nov 6th 2012
The problem is that this phenomenon is basically expy from the other side; that makes it trivia, since it is something not in the original work. Yet the classification is fine. We need some way of phrasing this that does not involve the word "trope".
06:51:48 AM Jan 2nd 2012
Would a Kaworu Nagisa Expy page be a good idea? I've noticed a lot of expies of them.
05:20:13 PM Jun 8th 2011
The page image seems to be missing a couple. I didn't see much of Eureka Seven, but wasn't Eureka about the same?
03:26:09 PM Jun 12th 2011
I made the page image, and yes, Eureka was at least starting as one. I could also list Miyu Glear from Mai-HiME, or Reki from Hidan no Aria, but the goal was to make an aesthetic picture showing the point, not to cram ALL the examples on a picture, even at the cost of their visibility.
05:16:27 PM Jun 7th 2011
Would Shotoclones count here?
03:38:12 PM Aug 12th 2011
I had the same idea. I'll put it in.
12:55:45 AM Feb 23rd 2011
Would Spiderman be considered an iconic character, as one of the earliest Every Man comic book heroes? Or is he too distinct?
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