Tropers / Kou The Mad

Kou The Mad is an insane Troper who adores JRP Gs and anime (although ironically, hates the recent Pandering, over use of Fanservice, and overuse of certain character tropes in Anime and JRP Gs). Also has a Irrational HATRED of Moe for reasons unknown. If it has to do with JRP Gs (or really video games in general) or Anime, theres a rather good chance he knows about it. His Favorite Franchise is Suikoden. Is Known to edit pages out of boredom, having created the page for Omni Bleach Abridged, Animerica, and Sonic The Ghetto Hog out of Boredom (and because no one else made them yet.)

Kou The Mad relates to the following Tropes.

  • Let's Play: Has a Let's Play channel (It's not very good.), but hasn't updated it in years due to microphone dying (has been meaning to rectify it.)
  • Pet-Peeve Trope: Hates the Tsundere trope with an undying vengeance, and as a result always wants to sacrifice Tsunderes to Khorne upon seeing them.
    • Also Fanservice, having came up with the comparison of Fanservice in Japanese media to Michael Bay and his obession with Explosions, Aliens, and Terrible Music.