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05:57:27 PM Jan 26th 2014
So... what music are we left with anyways?
11:54:50 AM Sep 24th 2013
Surely there has to be a better example of "hippie" music than Charles freakin' Manson!
09:02:51 AM Jan 3rd 2013
This trope was expanded to be about any genre per [1], and exceptions were removed.
01:09:34 PM Dec 27th 2011
Contemporary R'n'B as 'Rich and Beautiful' circa 2005 is indeed mocked by every critic out there. But I think there should be added an exception for a new breed of R&B that began to appear in 2011, from artists like The Weeknd, who was praised very highly by the critics.
08:48:54 PM Oct 3rd 2011
I am incredibly surprised electronic music of any kind isn't on here. If you say you like electronic music, or especially the word of death *gasp* techno, a lot of people immediately assume you have a horrible taste in music, as electronic music isn't "real music". Some may even go so far as to say you must be some kind of meth addict or do tons of XTC if you say you like rave music, because of course all people who love electronic music must be constantly on drugs. Very common with the older generation, though slightly averted with genres like house and, more recently, dubstep.
01:12:06 PM Dec 27th 2011
Electronic music and even electronic dance music are as wide as 'rock' or 'pop', and while there are ceirtanly some characters that give this reactions, they are probably don't have a slightest idea of what they are talking about. And, as far as I understand, this article concentrates on critics consensus, not general public misconceptions.
12:45:56 AM Jul 15th 2011
I'm wondering if Polka should be on this list. It's not really a mainstream style of music, but it's often portrayed in media as music that Straw Losers listen to.
04:44:31 PM Dec 9th 2010
I'm a bit surprised that Progressive Rock is not on this list — but perhaps because someone else agrees with me that there's actually no such thing as "Progressive Rock" as a genre somehow separate from Rock. I've yet to see any evidence that Prog is anything other than a blanket label which British rag New Musical Express slapped on all new Rock acts from roughly 1968 to 1976. The three "distinctive" features of Prog strike me as not at all distinctive; weird time-signatures (the Dave Brubeck Quartet did that in 1964, and some, such as 3/4 and 5/4, aren't regarded as at all strange in classical music), very long songs (songs have always been of many different lengths; I've never heard of The Doors being called "prog", yet Riders on the Storm is over 7 minutes, L.A. Woman over 10 minutes, and The End nearly 12 minutes; The Beatles definitely aren't prog, but Helter Skelter as recorded was about 27 minutes long) and classical influences (composers have always borrowed or stolen from other composers; it's virtually a rule of songwriting that a song about a funfair, amusement park or circus has to include the main riff from Fucik's Entry of the Gladiators).
06:46:29 AM Sep 30th 2012
edited by supergod
I think it's a useful label even if it's not clearly defined. There was more than just those traits though, you can listen to Jethro Tull and Yes, and just know that they belong in the prog genre, even if you can't quite explain why. It's much clearer with Progressive Metal. I like a few prog bands like Marillion, Gong, and Magma, but dislike most of the other rock genres not related to metal or punk, so I find the label useful at least.
07:26:04 PM Oct 29th 2012
Honesty, I'm wondering why progressive rock is on the list at all. Most reviews of contemporary Progressive Rock and Metal bands tend to be positive which flies right in the face of this trope. Contemporary Prog bands also are quite successful commercially as well, so I'm wondering why people call it a Dead Horse Genre. At the very least, there's far more exceptions to prog a dead horse genre than the Wall.
11:57:44 PM Nov 18th 2010
edited by STK
Removed the potshot at Shinedown because they actually have fans and a good singer who doesn't sound generic, unlike Nickelback. Besides, Nickelback are infamous for being the worst post-grunge band. Shinedown's one of the few exceptions (Seether and Foo Fighters being two others I can name off the top of my head) rather than the rule though.
02:02:06 AM Jun 22nd 2010
RE: Genre removal

I noticed that nu-metal has been removed from the list. I'm fine with that, but I also noticed that deathcore is still on the list. Nu-metal is a lot closer to this trope than deathcore is, so if the latter gets kept, why not the former?
01:29:29 AM Jun 28th 2010
Bump, because my question still isn't being answered.

The basic definition of Dead Horse genre given on this page is:
A genre of music that music critics hate on principle.

There's more to it that's explained on the page, of course, but this is the basic definition. Several of the genres removed fit this criteria. And, as I pointed out previously, if deathcore gets kept on the list, so does nu-metal. It makes no sense to have deathcore and not nu-metal.
02:49:03 PM Oct 29th 2010
I'm perplexed as to why Gangsta Rap was removed...
03:26:53 PM Oct 29th 2010
edited by Lordnecronus
I'd add it back to the list myself, but I probably wouldn't do a very good write-up of the genre, plus I don't know if the edit history goes as far back as June (if it does, I can just copy it back into the article from there).

I'll get to it, nevertheless, though these popups are making me somewhat nervous around the wiki.

EDIT: Edit history only goes back to August, so I can't just copy the gangsta rap entry back into the article. Unless I'm missing something.
03:46:28 PM Oct 29th 2010
yeah i already tried that. Interestingly enough it wasn't even discussed as to why it was deleted. THAT annoys me more than anything.
09:40:11 PM Jun 8th 2010
Wait, does this list have EVERY SINGLE GENRE EVER in it? 'cuz it seems like it.
02:40:11 PM Jun 19th 2010
Because some idiot keeps reverting any time I remove half of them. I'm thinking we should bring this to forum attention if it keeps up.
09:19:33 AM Apr 1st 2014
Ah so it's not just me, it's almost to the point where genres of music that were selling records last year seem to be declared as dead.
04:52:43 PM Mar 6th 2010
I don't want to sound Fan Wanky, but is Country really suited to this list? It's popular in its fanbase, and not much out, but it is the fourth largest genre in America, and I don't know what that bit about only one ever making mainstream charts, because there are a lot of artists who have. Garth Brooks is still the number one selling artist in history in the US. (Ish.)

Sorry if that sounded fanwanky, like I said.
02:38:47 AM Mar 9th 2010
Yeah. This list is less "conventionally reviled" and more "not, perhaps, at the absolute peak of modern relevance."
06:03:37 PM Mar 23rd 2010
I'm actually going to butcher it now, if no one minds. I'll leave on the ones that are actually reviled now, such as Disco, but not the ones like Classic Rock and Country.