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03:16:54 PM Apr 12th 2013
I think the picture is Just a Face and a Caption.
01:44:31 AM Apr 13th 2013
It's got badass + something military, but no more, ja. Feel free to start an Image Pickin'' thread about it.
08:43:34 PM Nov 12th 2012
Removed some problematic examples that need repair.

This one is disputed. The argument doesn't belong on the main page. If most Artemis Fowl readers can agree that this is an example, please reword it so it isn't arguing with itself:

  • Commander Julius Root of Artemis Fowl. While not quite a colonel, he occupies the last real field rank of the LEP and proves himself to be one of the sharpest and toughest characters in the first book.
    • Except for the fact that it's not a field rank. In order for him to participate in a mission lots of paperwork, which most people can never get approved, needs to be filled out. Fortunately, the person responsible for filling out the paperwork is him.

These are Zero Context Examples. Before restoring them, please carefully read the current trope description, make certain these are valid examples, and write descriptions explaining how each character uses the trope.

01:55:53 PM Jun 17th 2012
So basically a colonel who kicks ass
10:16:11 AM Sep 2nd 2011
How on earth is Quaritch a designated villain when he destroyed a Na'vi hometree without batting an eye?
08:39:20 AM Apr 21st 2015
He did it to protect humankind's interests.
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