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09:32:40 AM Oct 10th 2012
I pulled this utter mess from the page. If anyone can write an example without the natter, you can add it back.

  • Star Wars Expanded Universe has Luke Skywalker's various love interests. Luke would fall for some random woman in a story arc and promptly forget her by the next one. The vicious cycle was ended when he married Mara Jade.
    • No wait, she died too!
    • There was one exception to this. She ran away and left him.
      • Wait, no, she came back just so she could die dramatically. Shit.
    • This particular situation is a direct result of Ship-to-Ship Combat between writers who are Armed with Canon...with the exception of Mara Jade, who most of the writing staff liked, but fell victim to Executive Meddling. Luke never gets a break.
      • Annnnnd....played straight AGAIN, when Callista sort-of returns, is possessed, and essentially becomes a tentacled monster that has to be destroyed in "Fate of the Jedi." Seriously. If you want a long, happy life, stay away from Luke Skywalker. Or be his sister.
        • Happy my ass. Leia has it worse than Luke by far. Two of her three kids are dead. One of them by her surviving daughter's hand. Said son managed to get almost as bad as her father Darth Vader before he was killed. One of her best friends, Chewie was killed saving her other son who several years later was killed anyway. She has watched her life's work get pissed away as the government she helped build repeatedly keeps trying to either kill itself or her family in new and interesting ways. Really the it is amazing that this woman's husband has survived as long as he has.
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