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03:02:06 PM Oct 12th 2014
This Page might as well be a testament to why people need to pay attention in English class and take Logic classes. If you come out of education not laughing at this page, something went wrong.
01:23:21 AM Jan 2nd 2014
Removed this because I could find no such site:

  • Just about all Screw These Comics reviewers had personal biases against "Author characters" and "Ran Dies". Not to mention, a couple webcomics they liked they gave higher scores to, not entirely averaging the scores out. A couple times, they just flat out trashed the comics, sometimes they hated the author(s).
08:16:00 PM Mar 23rd 2013
Removed the reference to Game Informer's review of Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand because I failed to find said review anywhere on Game Informer.
09:02:10 AM Dec 13th 2012
Very last line as of now:

"anything made after the 1960s or 1990s"

Someone needs to fix this, I have no idea what exactly is the intended meaning here.
06:09:33 PM Mar 9th 2011
Almost all so called professional game reviewers are biased agains't all 3d Sonic games when all of them have been masterpieces except for Secret Rings.
06:12:48 PM Mar 9th 2011
01:59:46 PM May 14th 2010
I'm wondering if we should cut examples altogether. This looks like it could explode into Internet Backdraft and Justifying Edit this and that.
02:56:24 PM Dec 14th 2010
Absolutley. I don't want a page that consists of pepole calling out on a bias. I don't even want this on the site.
04:49:22 PM Apr 8th 2010
Thank you for fixing that, Poochy. I don't know what happened there... I'm sorry.
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