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12:06:33 AM Feb 27th 2013
edited by Candi
Should there be a section in 'General' about anybody dense enough to give anyone a surprise pet?

Reader's Digest (!) once had advice on getting a cat to learn tricks. They advised using chicken-flavored baby food as a treat. Problem: Baby foods often contain onion powder as a thickener. The sulfoxides not only mess up the red blood cells, they play merry hell with the liver, preventing production of a vital enzyme.

And apparently guinea pigs can be poisoned by garlic and onion as well. (Just read that.)

PS. I did email RD about the section's stupidity. I've yet to see anything straightening the matter out.
06:46:33 AM Jun 30th 2013
Unfortunately, people are stupid. I'd say yeah, there needs to be an entry on 'surprise' pets - considering that many pets need prepared for, with very necessary things such as, oh, say, litterboxes, acceptable room, the want for the pet... Surprise pets aren't a smart thing because people aren't always in a situation where they can even provide for the animal, whether they want it or not.

Really? How do they get away with THAT? RD needs to check it's facts, I dare say...

Recently, in my area, there was actually a seizure of two-hundred+ Minirex rabbits from a chairman of the club, who won BOV at national shows yearly because they were perfectly healthy rabbits in 'implorable' conditions. You don't have healthy rabbits in crap-conditions, period - rabbits are VERY finicky creatures, and even if you start feeding them at a different time of day with no working into it they'll be thrown out of condition. So the Humane Society took those rabbits as well as the cages - without nesting boxes - and here's what's happened as a result: They have the rabbits sitting on cardboard, causing urine burn. Mini-rex have issues with that. They let litters be born on the w- er, cardboard, resulting in them slowly freezing to death. They're feeding them freakin' LETTUCE and FRESH GREENS. Last I heard, the Great Slaughtering had only just begun. They also had too-young babies - probably just over a month old - off their moms. Not healthy!

So, honestly, if I wasn't a minor, I'd certainly go up and file a report of animal negligence against the Humane Society, because they're idiots who haven't got a clue how to take care of show-rabbits >.<
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