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04:11:36 AM Jan 20th 2013
edited by MarqFJA
Any suggestions on how to gather examples for this trope, which has been heavily restructured last year as part of a TRS effort?
04:28:26 AM Jan 20th 2013
Copy-paste the draft into YKTTW and add a "needs examples" tag, and then update this page when there are plenty.
02:49:52 PM Sep 19th 2010
edited by MarqFJA
Does Action Hero have to always conform to all the listed traits (e.g. "Nationality: American")?
03:45:10 PM Sep 19th 2010
No. I deleted that part. That's a completely ridiculous requirement since most action heroes don't even pretend to be American.
08:40:01 PM Sep 19th 2010
Okay, but why is it that the example list has only examples of roles/films by Hollywood actors? It gives the impression that this trope is restricted to Western media/Hollywood.
05:42:25 AM Oct 31st 2010
Um, hello? Maybe I should take this to Trope Talk?
08:57:14 AM Feb 3rd 2012
This page suffers some other problems too. It says on the main that Action Girl is not this trope's Distaff Counterpart, but that the former is "a female Badass". Never mind that the page for that trope states specifically that she actively fights, and also that a badass need not necessarily be of the "action" variety. I think we should really try to edit that part.