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10:55:25 PM Oct 15th 2016
Well, I'm staying the hell away from this page because it's becoming chaos.
12:59:03 PM Apr 13th 2015
Excuse me, I'm not sure where to put this suggestion. But why doesn't TV Tropes have an option to edit individual folders, like Wikipedia does? It would make editing a lot easier.
12:11:27 PM Jan 17th 2015
Is Natter allowed on Headscratchers pages?
01:03:56 PM Jan 17th 2015
I would think so. It's very nature involves discussion and answering questions, unlike the main page. The Natter page itself does say that it's one of the exceptions to the "no natter" rule.
06:15:20 PM Feb 10th 2014
What is the difference between Fridge Logic and Headscratchers?
01:06:23 AM Feb 11th 2014
Fridge Logic is when someone after the show starts to wonder about something that happened in the show.

Headscratchers is when someone takes a question about a work here.
10:16:41 PM Oct 4th 2012
Are we supposed to use spoiler tags in this section, I feel like anyone who reads these should understand that discussions about plot holes and loose ends will have spoilers, and using spoiler tags would make every one of these pages look like a CIA document.
01:00:58 PM Apr 13th 2015
I don't spoiler tags are necessary.
02:11:48 PM Apr 13th 2015
Yeah, in this section it's usually expected to see some details.
10:48:12 AM Jul 4th 2011
I don't understand why the name was changed, but pages upon pages of complaints are still there. Half of which included the term 'it just bugs me' and is now almost comically incomprehensible.
10:43:13 AM Aug 4th 2011
yeah, it now says "it headscratchers me that..." its hilarious. Couldn't we have came up with a bit more eloquent name guys? :/
11:05:35 AM Aug 4th 2011
Well then it's time to remove those complains.
03:45:55 PM Jul 11th 2012
Could we put up something on the main page asking people to look out for the phrase "headscratchers" and replace it with (not a link, just the text) "it just bugs me"?
11:58:39 PM Jul 11th 2012
Headscratchers are meant to have good grammar. If someone sees something wrong, they should correct it even if it's someone else's entry. A specific thing for the JBM/HS confusion isn't really necessary, especially since it's been nearly a year since the change.
06:50:40 AM Jun 25th 2011
Uh... has the Headscratchers page disappeared for anyone else... or is my computer just being really weird?
08:15:14 AM Jun 25th 2011
No it isn't. The page is just...gone. No history either. Wonder if it's just a server glitch, or some wiki vandalism.
12:36:42 AM Jun 26th 2011
Now I don't even have a link bar at the top of the home page. What is going on here?
01:43:36 PM Jun 28th 2011
It's gone for me too. The discussion still exists though.
07:10:17 PM Jun 28th 2011
07:12:34 PM Aug 6th 2011
Clearly the site itself had expressed its opinion on the rename.

Dear god, what have we done...?
07:03:42 PM Jun 11th 2011
What's the deal with the Headscratcher's page? Right now it seems to be a discussion page for people to ask questions about plot holes and have people either explain why they're not plotholes or just come up with scenarios to fill in the plot holes. That doesn't seem to mesh with the other trope pages.

Shouldn't people just point out examples of plot holes, like people point out examples of tropes? If someone has a reason why an entry isn't a valid plot hole, they would erase it with an explanation why, as they would erase a trope entry and explain why it doesn't fit. Right now, the headscratchers pages are really poorly designed messageboards. It seems we're encouraging people to dialogue in the trope pages, when I thought the site was trying to get away from that. If someone has a question about a work, shouldn't they go to the messageboards, or discussion page?
01:29:54 PM Aug 23rd 2011
There's nothing wrong with having a page where people can discuss plot holes. (and it should be noted that headscratchers is not just about plot holes, but is a place for any question or part someone didn't understand as long as it's not complaining.) Also, read the Conversation in the Main Page page, headscratchers is a place where it is encouraged
05:01:25 AM May 26th 2011
I was thinking maybe the definition of what shouldn't be in Headscratchers could be expanded (on this page), since on some pages I've seen fans of the work complain about what they don't like about the work rather than things that don't make sense in the show. And no, they're not people Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.
12:13:46 PM May 23rd 2011
edited by AgentDragonhunter
Just wondering, which bar is the html bar that I have to type it into? Please answer, there are some works I have honest questions about. [/end noobishness]
05:18:54 PM Apr 26th 2011
Nice to see yet another stupid name change.
01:00:17 AM Apr 27th 2011

Folks, Just Bugs Me was renamed since some people took it to mean "whine about things that bug you."

As the main article says, it's only for sincere questions.
05:07:46 PM Apr 27th 2011
edited by DrStarky
^^ Thank you for the Constructive Criticism though.
11:05:47 PM Apr 23rd 2011
edited by SpellBlade
Folks, Just Bugs Me was renamed since some people took it to mean "whine about things that bug you."

As the main article says, it's only for sincere questions.

07:23:49 PM Apr 25th 2011
Wouldn't those be better in the Fridge Logic section? Actually, what is the difference between Fridge Logic and Headscratchers?
07:32:12 PM Apr 25th 2011
07:51:07 AM Apr 26th 2011
No, there is no difference between Fridge Logic and Headscratchers.

Headscratchers is just the namespace where you ask about Fridge Logic.

The Fridge Namespace started out as being for Fridge Brilliance, but is also used for Horror and Logic.
01:38:19 PM Apr 26th 2011
Well they dodn't seem to have done anything besides renamed the thing so I don't think it will stop people from posting their bugs call a rabbit a smeerp if you want but it won't change how it works.
02:12:13 PM Apr 26th 2011
^It's a little too early to say the name won't work now.

Give it a few months.
04:51:15 PM May 1st 2011
^^ We're working on that, there's a lot to clean.
05:38:55 PM Apr 23rd 2011
I swear, ever since I started paying attention to the forums, I've seen at least one major change per month.* . I wonder what change will occur in May, if any.
09:59:25 PM Apr 23rd 2011
Perhaps a skin change, like Wikia infamously did last year?
02:25:17 PM Apr 23rd 2011
Thread on the rename of It Just Bugs Me here.
07:48:39 PM Apr 23rd 2011
edited by Nathaniel
Now that this topic is named "headscratchers", is the insect meant to represent a head louse?
09:50:10 PM Apr 23rd 2011
...one of these days, someone will have the brilliant idea to rename the tropes of legend to make them more clear, and then I'm done. In the meantime I'm just going to complain a lot. A lot. It just bugs me that we've changed IJBM.
10:45:37 PM Apr 23rd 2011
edited by Gundamforce
...and yet people keep wondering Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things.
06:36:23 AM Apr 24th 2011
I don't get why people get so worked up over stuff like this. Is there anyone who considers It Just Bugs Me pages essential to the TV Tropes experience?
02:56:24 PM Apr 24th 2011
Yeah. Me.
11:45:27 PM Apr 24th 2011
Me too
01:29:10 PM Apr 26th 2011
Me three
09:42:34 AM Apr 28th 2011
Except it's still there. Just with a different name. Is that really such a big deal?
05:48:48 PM Apr 29th 2011
It's the Principle of the Thing. But I'm sure we can deal -_-
09:33:37 AM Apr 30th 2011
Just one more thing that makes the entire wiki that liiiittle bit more faceless and bland. Like changing Perdita X Dream, which was funny, into "Awesome McCool" Name. Ah well.
05:59:52 AM Jun 24th 2011
Seems like a The Powers That Be thing. I wouldn't support it. The ostensible reason was to prevent Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, which was already not allowed (except on Darth Wiki).
05:48:23 PM Nov 3rd 2012
edited by Gatordragon24
How is Perdita X Dream funny? It makes no sense to me. "Awesome McCool" Name makes so much more sense. Same goes for Headscratchers. If people were using It Just Bugs Me to whine and complain about things they didn't like instead of using it the proper way (asking genuine questions about the work), then it was a good thing that it was changed. Faceless and bland my foot.

Also complaining about a rename after the act is useless. If you don't like it so much, then why not talk about it in a trope repair shop or something like that?
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