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06:03:25 PM Apr 1st 2014
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"The Nightmare Before Christmas was apparently supposed to be Disney's 32nd animated film, to have been released during the 1993 holiday season, with The Lion King, then Disney's 33rd animated film, being scheduled for the 1994 holiday season. Then Nightmare was rebranded as a Touchstone film due to being Darker and Edgier even by Disney's standards (and some of the animated canon's entries are more mature than others) and Lion King found itself pushed forward to summer 1994 and directly replacing Nightmare as Disney's 32nd as a direct result of said rebranding."

That hardly makes sense to me because The Lion King, while not scary, was more intense despite the G rating, but I still liked it as a kid. However, I think I may prefer TNBC and would like to consider this the 31.5th entry.
01:50:16 PM Apr 20th 2013
Does anyone know where I can find the full-length Japanese dubs of the Disney films, particularly Beauty and the Beast? Nico Nico has been no help at all.
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