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01:40:24 PM Sep 14th 2015
May not be anachronistic

Vizzini only carries a dagger for emergencies (and slicing cheese) Westley probably prefers the reliability and precision of a sword. Inigo prefers a sword because, duh. Anyone else in Florin may not have access to modern weapons. All the swords are consistent with late 1700s designs, some are inconsistent with earlier designs. In real life, weapons of war were rarely purposefully discarded until the late modern period. They were repaired and retrofitted for centuries of use. Muskets from armories, not museums, were sold or given to different people in Asian in modern times. North Vietnamese soldiers and Tibetan monks received some, and used them. May 13, 1787, the First Fleet of penal colonists were on there way to Australia due to arrive in January of 1788 (which they did). As a professional war starter, Vizzini should know not just of the colony, but also the launch of the fleet. Westley needn't have been to Australia to acquire the poison. Humperdinck shows little concern for his own nation and people. He's keeping them ignorant of his plans for war, and probably ignorant in general. So, modern knowledge and technology have been discouraged. It is pretty well established that Humperdinck is the only character we see that knows the movements of his Navy. This knowledge is tightly controlled, so would be trade by sea. Presuming Humperdinck is not completely delusional (his surrender to avoid the duel to the pain indicates he isn't), he has a stockpile of modern weapons hidden from his people to be used in the coming war. Or just a lot of those small all-metal crossbows that, while being at least 200 year old technology at that time, actually have more power, effective range, and less weight than many modern assault rifles (though a much lower rate of fire). Those crossbows can be fired effectively in the rain or even underwater, In case you want to attack an army of flintlock wielders during a rain storm or swim armed too an enemy ship for a surprise boarding attack (Also the perfect weapon to bring to a fight in a swamp). They can also be effective in the hands of minimally trained civilians, including women and children, against a tight formation of soldiers with only one marksman near by to show them what angle to fire from (note how Humperdinck is so concerned about the common people's feelings for his planned war). Restricted trade by land can be explained by geographic isolation (we at least know that that cliffs of insanity and fire swamp barriers exist). With these conditions, its not much of a stretch that an area of the size depicted could be at least 200 years behind in technology and style. For example, many such an areas (and conditions) exist in North Korea. The idea that all civilians in a village with the aid of only a few marksmen could effectively defend against the best armies was equivalent to nuclear deterrent in its day. Crossbows falling out of favor with leaders and armies did not diminish their numbers, technology, or use as much as you might expect in 200 years. Hunters and beekeepers (civilians) liked them. 1700s depictions of hunters and especially beekeepers (fending off honey loving critters, such as bears) commonly showed them with a crossbow. A crossbow that could take down a bear with one shot.
12:50:31 PM Aug 2nd 2015
Under Evil Sounds Raspy, can I change "Cockney" to "London" please? Cockney refers to a part of the east end of London (hence the name of EastEnders) while Mel Smith is from Chiswick, west London. It's his normal voice he uses.
09:53:37 AM Aug 17th 2012
"Vizzini is so busy playing I Know You Know I Know with the Man in Black that he completely ignores the notion that both glasses could be poisoned, despite his opponent being immune actually being his first guess."

I don't understand this... Vizzini poisoned the drink, so he wouldn't have a reason to think they're both poisoned.
09:56:15 AM Aug 17th 2012
No, he didn't. The Man in Black did.
09:40:20 PM Nov 10th 2011
Why isn't there a Tropes Named section? TPB named like fifty.
10:28:22 PM Nov 10th 2011
06:20:00 PM Aug 4th 2012
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I followed the link and couldn't find it. Are you sure that there is a list of Tropes Named? Did you mean the part where it mentions the number of tropes named from it?
02:35:35 AM Aug 5th 2012
12:04:21 PM Aug 5th 2012
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Alright. Thanks.
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