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12:34:41 AM Aug 4th 2016
edited by Astatine
Aight so as to avoid an edit war I will put my rationale for some of my deletions here.

From Bad to Worse: From the trope page- To qualify for this trope, a terrible situation must have some final perfect push over the edge. Sometimes characters within a story, usually when recounting dramatic events to others will, when asked "And then?" say, "It got worse," right before the narrative cuts to the events in question.

The trope as used in Law's profile goes over some comedy moments in the SH ship, then how Law's plan fails and then is salvaged by Usopp, causing Doffy to go all out, which in-story leads to a string of consecutive defeats of the DD Pirates before Law and Luffy finally fight DD and defeat him in a close and intense fight. Not really From Bad to Worse material, especially since its more a storytelling than a character trope.

Animal Motifs: Law has only been shown as a snow leopard once, not even in the manga itself, a motif had to be recurring and/ot dominant in the character's writing (the Heart for example, would be a motif for Law).

The Dog Bites Back is obviously misused. Check the trope description. At best Law can be considered an interesting subversion. If it was part of a long strategy, its not The Dog Bites Back, which is more about an abused mook turning on his boss on the fly when shit goes down.

Heart Is an Awesome Power refers to an ability that sounds laughable on paper but is deadly in practice. Law's ability is definitely not, it appeared fearsome to begin with and its not silly in any way (both in and out of universe, Law's easily overshadowed Kid with his power in the fanbase because it was so hax) The description of the ability- 'turns anyone in Law's room into a patient on his operating table' is menacing from the get go, as is its most basic ability (spatial cut across any distance).

Deleted Jerk with a Heart of Gold as thr trope page couldn"t make its mind up whether Law was a nice guy or a jerk, ultimately went with the former as its tropes turned up first.

Its not a Multiple Gunshot Death if he's still alive.

Spell Blade refers to magic, I'm quite sure we got Laser Blade in the profile already, the addiiton of the former seems redundant.

I shouldn't have to explain why Sealed Army in a Can is massively misused. Just read the trope page. The trope as used in Capone's page just takes the trope's name literally, nevermind they aren't even really sealed anyway.

01:57:52 AM Aug 5th 2016
Your problem was you not giving any reason for deletion earlier.

From Bad to Worse: Hmm, maybe "worse" isn't the right word to describe Law's predicament, more like the events surrounding him becoming more and more intense than he intends it to be. And yeah, perhaps putting it in Dressrosa Arc recap page is better.

Animal Motifs doesn't have to be recurrent so long as it's clear it's intended to be a motif.

The Dog Bites Back: Maybe that can be changed to Best Served Cold, if it's not there already.

Heart Is an Awesome Power: We're talking about how his powers are used on its first appearance - in the Sabaody Archipelago arc (not the Punk Hazard arc) where he somehow made everyone's bodies and everything move around him, then he puts them together haphazardly, in contrast to Kid's more straightforward Extra Oredinary power or Luffy's usual Rubber Man. Though considering what the fruit is actually capable of after the Time Skip, it can be said that Law at the time was just toying with their opponents.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: At least I rewrote it. Clearer now?

Multiple Gunshot Death: It's subverted then.

Spell Blade is when a blade (or any kind of weapon) is buffed/enhanced with any kind of power, not just magic. So say, using Armament Haki on a blade is also a Spell Blade.

Sealed Army in a Can: Yeah, there's Base on Wheels listed already.
12:23:52 AM Jul 2nd 2016
Sorry, but where is it indicated that X Drake is Kaido's subordinate?
11:56:12 PM Aug 3rd 2016
Effectively confirmed in issue 794-ish when he's seen with Kaido'w men and Caribou's cover story.
04:41:08 AM Oct 29th 2015
Can we maybe change Law's picture? It's not only an odd shape, but it's really too dark to make out many details of his appearance.
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