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01:40:29 AM May 26th 2014
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I have some questions about "TV Tropes Editor's Use of a Trope". Does it apply to hypothetical scenarios on Playing With pages and similar? I mean if a trope is used in the hypothetical scenarios themselves. How about hypothetical scenarios on main pages? Here's a hypothetical example to illustrate another thing that's unclear: A show is named Bob and Charles. Someone writes this on its page: "Karma Houdini: As Alice put it: 'Bob got away with killing Charles, destroying our village, and tickling a baby'." Is this allowed (a) if Alice is a character from Bob and Charles? (b) if Alice is a critic from a Video Review Show (or similar)? (Note: Some of the questions originally asked here were answered on Ask the Tropers, and have been removed from here.)
12:31:15 AM Dec 6th 2013
I think this should be move to Administrivia namespace.
06:19:59 AM Dec 6th 2013
I would think so, too.
07:18:53 PM Dec 10th 2012
07:19:40 PM Dec 10th 2012
Can we just nuke stuff like that on site?
08:04:26 PM Dec 10th 2012
11:08:30 AM Jan 5th 2012
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An All-Blue Entry is a terrible type of Sink Hole. All Blue Entries should only be ATTEMPTED in a pages 'Laconic' section, and only if (You) can do so in the Laconic spirit.
03:07:38 PM May 9th 2011
Does a page that links to itself by redirect count as a sink hole? A link that makes you think you're going to a new page, but ends up just reloading the page is just as annoying as a link that is unrelated. They're definitely just as deceptive, I think they are similar enough, no?
08:00:21 PM Aug 7th 2011
We have a different name for those—they're called "circular" links. They're bad too, although they don't have their own page defining them the way Sinkholes do.
07:16:32 PM Dec 10th 2012
Should we add circular links as an example on this page?