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    Do we have something that's like Numerical Theme Naming, except it's not intentionally a number, it just so happens to be and the character has a bit of a "number motif"? Like, the name means something else, but it just so happens to also be a number? It's a primarily Japanese thing and could overlap with Seven Is Nana.

    In Osomatsu-kun, Iyami can be a pronunciation of the numbers 183. In the racing episode, his kart is #183, and in Osomatsu-san, when he plays baseball, he has 183 on his jersey. Also in the original title for "Iyami no Nippon Tres Bien Rock'n Roll", Iyami's name is instead written as 183. His name actually means words like "sarcasm" and "gaudy" but can share a pronunciation with 183.

    Another Osomatsu-kun example, Jyushimatsu, who has a motif of 14 in a similar way. The sextuplets are named after random Japanese words which contain the kanji -matsu, and Jyushi also happens to be a possible pronunciation for 14. This can be seen in Osomatsu-san as well.

    A Vocaloid example is Miku and her famous 39. Miku means future. 3/9 is celebrated as Miku Day and the number itself is referenced in a lot of songs.

    A Tensai Bakabon example would be Papa and 88, although I've only seen it as merchandise and nothing else.

    Do we have something like this or should it be taken to YKTTW? Reply