• 4 Mar 19th, 2017 at 4:04PM
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    Do Sub Tropes have to be utterly enclosed by their Super Tropes?

    Like is Character Title actually a Sub-Trope of One-Word Title? Because a title could refer to a character without being only consisting of one word, like "Silver Surfer".

    Super Trope itself says:

    Do not confuse this with different tropes simply having a common element. That is a standard index. Although a super trope can be an index if it has enough sub tropes.

      Sort of. In the purest form of supertrope/subtrope relationship, the subtrope has to have all the elements of its supertrope, plus additional limitations.

      However, very few tropes have that level of specificity. Character Title and One-Word Title are not super/sub in either direction, since a title can fit one without having the main element of the other at all. Cheers is a One-Word Title that has nothing to do with any of the character names; Robin Hood Prince Of Theives is a Character Title that is far more than one word

      So, the implication of Sub/Super-trope in the description of One-Word Title is wrong...:

      Titles that refer to characters either by name or by job (e.g. "Rose"; it refers to the character Rose Tyler, or Bartender, which is about the bartender protagonist) don't go here, they go under Character Title or Job Title.

      One-Word Title's definition never says that it's a supertrope of subtrope of Character Title. It's common practice in trope descriptions to mention other related tropes, be it by supertrope/subtrope relationship, Sister Trope relationship, or a common theme (in this last case, both tropes could be listed in an index). And tropes can overlap (AKA be present in the same work at the same time, often affecting each other directly), which is why I'm confused by the remark in One-Word Title's description about only listing a Character Title in that trope's page even if it has only one word.

      Well, now I changed and hopefully fixed it.