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Your Avatar Vs. The Above Avatar: Who Would Win?:

 7851 Adannor, Mon, 15th Oct '12 8:15:29 AM from effin' belarus
After a bit of space warp, bond now has a length of 0.1 inch :V

edited 15th Oct '12 8:16:00 AM by Adannor

 7852 Game Spazzer, Mon, 15th Oct '12 8:16:55 AM from Kurôzu-Cho
Magical Stab Powers
Ahahahah... ha...



"Whoa, look out! They ate a baby... that’s rude."

Pokémon Alchemist

 7853 greenstarfanatic, Mon, 15th Oct '12 8:17:52 AM from Maple Ridge, B.C
Generic Internet Guy 281
I'm going to give it to the Stage Magician who has NARWHAL swords.

edited 15th Oct '12 8:18:06 AM by greenstarfanatic

Time for this Month's Shameless promotion!

Bay12games, RTD Central!
 7854 Adannor, Mon, 15th Oct '12 8:18:06 AM from effin' belarus
^^Yes, watching your pathetic struggling is amusing.

^How about Knight of Time with Snoop Dogg Snow Cone Machete?

edited 15th Oct '12 8:19:35 AM by Adannor

 7855 Rivux, Mon, 15th Oct '12 8:21:43 AM from Blood Gulch Avenue Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
How about the bald man with the ironic last name?
And I said, "No," you know, like a liar.
 7856 Game Spazzer, Mon, 15th Oct '12 8:22:07 AM from Kurôzu-Cho
Magical Stab Powers
Oh my god, this is just too good.

Did you honestly think I'm actually trying to win here?

I don't give a shit. This is not OBD. This is a stupid forum game, which you and Tenzen seem bent upon turning into a cock-measuring contest.

And because I am now officially no longer interested in trying to make this place fun for the people who don't feel the need to assert their own masculenity through a cartoon character, I'll just leave this place to you. Toodles!

-Ollies outie-

edited 15th Oct '12 8:22:36 AM by GameSpazzer

"Whoa, look out! They ate a baby... that’s rude."

Pokémon Alchemist

 7857 Adannor, Mon, 15th Oct '12 8:22:53 AM from effin' belarus
Damn, even your tears taste second rate.

Not anime one
[up][up]Hey that's mean! I can't help that Takao, Kongou, Nagato, Haruna, Kazuma, Ryner, Kanzaki, Yagyuu, are Hyper weights! I just like them a lot.

Though I am guilty if it's Accelerator, Anshin or Kumaga. Though I quite like them too...

[up]Sorry my avatar has bigger dick despite not having any! You lost forever!

edited 15th Oct '12 8:47:42 AM by Tenzen12

 7859 Fergard Stratoavis, Mon, 15th Oct '12 9:01:25 AM from Las Vegas Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Too Much Testosterone
Why do we even argue about such petty stuff?

Eh. Shrek will most likely not give a two damns about Takao, as long as she won't blow up his swamp. Then... Hoo boy, shit will go down. She still wins, sadly.
I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I'm all out of gum.
 7860 greenstarfanatic, Mon, 15th Oct '12 9:06:19 AM from Maple Ridge, B.C
Generic Internet Guy 281
Ooh...Harvey would likely end up performing in his swamp, which would provoke him. If he get's stuck in THE BOX, then he's doomed, and Harvey I think has a better chance, due to his skills with his NARWHAL swords.
Time for this Month's Shameless promotion!

Bay12games, RTD Central!
 7861 Savato, Mon, 15th Oct '12 10:45:47 AM from Equestria Relationship Status: Brony
Chaos Incarnate
Harvey is an assassin but Igor is a...something...his assistant alone can easily kick the protagonist`s ass at max level and that guy has defeated gods...Igor wins.
Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark, and professionals built the Titanic.
 7862 Tatsumar, Mon, 15th Oct '12 3:27:08 PM from The Rift Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
No fair bringing in the bonus bosses Igor! D:

... But yeah, Igor is just too cool to lose.
Twitch is best rat
 7863 Everzwijn, Mon, 15th Oct '12 3:30:17 PM from behind the wall
My avatar is already fighting itself. Your avatar would be smart to walk away while he can, because he really doesn't want to fight either of these guys.
"No copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!" ~ Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Colours
 7864 Tre, Mon, 15th Oct '12 4:28:46 PM from Greyson City
BRB Being Gendo Ikari
[up] That more or less would keep not-a-zombie!Tre out of it.

Of course, if he got into it he'd lose.
 7865 Dark Destruction, Mon, 15th Oct '12 4:31:38 PM from World of Trigonometry Relationship Status: In your bunk
She's here! Where's the grub?
Jecht, methinks.
Mah Headphones
I need HoH SiS
 7867 Rivux, Mon, 15th Oct '12 4:46:19 PM from Blood Gulch Avenue Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...





And I said, "No," you know, like a liar.
 7868 Wait Did I Do That, Mon, 15th Oct '12 4:52:47 PM from wait, where am I again?
mine goes deaf from karkat's yelling
No seriously, it's kind of shooting sparks everywhere and it looks like it's on fire
 7869 Physical Stamina, Mon, 15th Oct '12 7:20:21 PM from Centipede Central (save me!) Relationship Status: If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it
'ey, dis is Toime Gal, aka de 'Eroine of Toime
Depends on whether or not the player screws up. If successful, he gets lasered. If not, she's dinner.
 7870 Rockonman, Mon, 15th Oct '12 7:56:54 PM from Cloudy City, WA
I'm back, b@#$&es!
"Circumretit enim vis atque iniuria quemque, atque, unde exortast, at eum plerumque revertit." - Titus Lucretius Carus
 7871 nigelstack 345, Mon, 15th Oct '12 8:01:18 PM from Subspace Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
A picture of unconstrained joy.
Just a Bug
This is a robbery. Give me all of your money and I'll kill you.
 7873 A Stray Bard, Mon, 15th Oct '12 8:03:45 PM from 867-5309 Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Sega's Last Hope
It'll probably end in a stalemate.
 7874 Adannor, Tue, 16th Oct '12 11:13:55 AM from effin' belarus
Spacetime V:

 7875 Landorkus, Tue, 16th Oct '12 1:53:18 PM from Abundant Shrine Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Oh, hello. I am Landorus.
Lahn fangirls and loses.
I understand how Rayquaza feels. Dealing with two bickering idiots for eternity is a load of Tauros dung.
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