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College student and amateur producer and DJ. I like music, trains, and Youtube Poop. One day, I wish to become a producer for other people make my own albums, and compose video game soundtracks. I also like trains.

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I'm usually good with names, but hers seems to be an exception.

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  • "Ugh, dear internet, not every autistic is a savant like the Rain Man. Thanks." - Indigo12ash

Signature Storage

  • "Here's something philosophical about the passage of time. Also, breakfast."
  • Sampling is nothing but unoriginal theft? Sure it is, random music listener.
    • PUNISH
  • Internet nerds are simply another breed of hipster.
  • Fanfics are probably like music in general; a lot of crap gets put to the forefront, and you have to do some digging to find anything good.
  • "DA DA DA DA DADADA (buwhoop!)

    "I've managed to avoid drowning!" - Odie Esty
  • I have to stop living under the delusion that more than 2% of who I hang out with would like the same music I like.
  • "Word to the wise: If something is popular, someone will hate it." - ROTHY
  • If you can explain the premise of Katawa Shoujo to at least five people without one of them stopping you, I will give you a dollar.
  • TRUTH.
  • Don't expect anime to be realistic; it'll be a nice surprise if it is.
  • In a religious debate, everyone loses.
  • We're up all night to get lucky.
  • Whenever someone asks, "Is there anyone that likes this?", the answer is most likely me.
  • "Yeah. A real shame, really. You find something you love and someone has to [...] make you feel bad for liking it." - Mighty Kombat
  • Sometimes, stupid people just need to know they're being stupid.
  • "Since when was Tigger a rapist?"
  • Before you do something, ask yourself, "Will I regret this later?" If the answer is "yes", don't do it.
  • "A bad fanbase shouldn't stop you from enjoying something, in my honest opinion." - Masterofchaos
  • Opinions are a myth.
  • "Dr. Eggman has a 300 IQ.

    "But can he see why kids love Cinnamon-colored Wisps?" - Hobgoblin
  • It is the civic duty of the nerd community to hate anything popular.
  • As a new member of the forum, it is your duty to bump threads that have been inactive for years.
  • "You might not know everything about a genre you refuse to listen to."
  • I wanna go back to the days where I could enjoy something without feeling bad about it.
  • Everything except rap and country. And dubstep.
  • "...the fandom's behaviour really has no bearing on the quality of a work, or of any work the author is involved in." - Ninety
  • "I hunger, sempai." -Jinxmenow
  • Dubstep isn't some catch-all term that mean "anything that goes 'wub'". It has an actual definition.
  • "I am made of blue sky, and golden light..."
  • "I'll hold you tight 'til the end of time cause I love you..."
  • You wish to take me out so you study
    Meanwhile, my clothes, mics, and foes are left bloody

Future use signatures

  • "Ah, a combination of nostalgia and lack of understanding of new technology. The typical human fear response."
  • When people call for being Dubstep, 50% of the time they mean Moombahcore, 30% they mean Electro House, and 15% they mean Drum 'n' Bass.
  • "Black and Nerdy Bishōnen, you say? Interesting."
  • "The graphics may be great, the story may be enticing, but if it doesn't look fun to play then is it really worth it to buy for how much games are worth these days?" - Keybreak
  • "I don't like Cosmo because I don't like plants and nature. #EGGMANEMPIRE" - Odd1
  • "You know, if you truly don't care, you wouldn't feel compelled to voice a very obvious 'take that'." - Swanpride
  • "I had one friend in High School who described Anime as 'that stuff that looks like those Bible cartoons on the religious channel'..." - Robbery
  • What's the matter with Weed?