Tropers / Rivux

Howdy ho, folks.

I'm on DeviantArt, and if you ever want to check it out just follow this. I am also on tumblr over here.

Sometimes I doodle stuff for Our Avatars Are in a Room Together, you can find them here or here.

    I cake people. 

    List of things I really need to get around to just plain do. 
  • Re-watch The Iron Giant
  • Watch Treasure Planet
  • Play Earthbound
  • Play Mother 3
More to be added over time.

    Comics of the web distributed type I enjoy 

    Web media that is broadly defined, but I happen to enjoy 

    Comics/Animation of the Japanese originating kind I enjoy 

    Works of Media I used to enjoy until they were completed but still continue to take an interest in. 
In unalphabetical order because I'm not dealing with it. Hm, there should be more, but I forget.

    Games that are used on electronic devices that are typically handheld or plugged into a wall that I enjoy