Tropers: Rivux

Howdy ho, folks.

I'm on DeviantArt if you ever want to check it out just follow this. I am also on tumblr over here.

And I guess here is a Troper Wall to crudely vandalize and smear with your gross germs?

Also: Jamdat369/Strawberry The Second/Azure "enjoy[s] a good Yaoi fic every now and and [he's] not ashamed of that!" Context being that his kindle is very unkind and autocorrected "you" to "Yaoi"

    Forum Adventures 

Forum Adventures meaning Interactive Fiction like forum games. Currently holding 3.

Sometimes I doodle stuff for Our Avatars Are in a Room Together, you can find them here or here.

    I cake people. 

    List of things I really need to get around to just plain do. 
  • Re-watch The Iron Giant
  • Watch Treasure Planet
  • Play Earthbound
  • Play Mother 3
More to be added over time.

    Comics of the web distributed type I enjoy 

    Web media that is broadly defined, but I happen to enjoy 

    Comics/Animation of the Japanese originating kind I enjoy 

    Works of Media I used to enjoy until they were completed but still continue to take an interest in. 
In unalphabetical order because I'm not dealing with it. Hm, there should be more, but I forget.

    Games that are used on electronic devices that are typically handheld or plugged into a wall that I enjoy