Tropers: Everzwijn

Everzwijnnote  (or Everz for short) became a troper sometime around September 2009, after having lurked around for months. He likes to describe himself as some worthless bum from the Netherlands. Likes to waste his time browsing the internets aimlessly. Has had his life ruined by TvTropes very thoroughly note .

He contributes by sporadically editing pages and posting on the forums and YKTTW. Mostly hangs around Forum Games. Used to play a big part in We Are Our Avatars.

Feel free to vandalize this page, tropers.

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Huzzah! Another fellow Dutchman and Mx0 fan! Enjoy your stay! Kayeka

Everzwijn is Pretty Cool Guy, does 10-Minute Retirement multiple time and isn't afraid of anything, eh? - Spooky Mask

Oi, you! Stop banning people or I'll be forced to ban YOU for excessive meanness! - Flanker 66

Schitzo says hi :3

BUMPER COPTERS!! ~ Caped Luigis Yoshi

Guess you were right. : ) - Keybreak

Saw Fear today.

It was pounding its grey-brown hide, very literally hell-for-leather
Across the fresh-ploughed slabs and furrows
Bolting for hoped-for cover
Like the bullet that would otherwise overtake it,
The product of a primeval ‘fight or flight’, self-preservation mechanism
Triggered by acutely mortal senses, simultaneously overwhelmed
By what had ‘no right’ to be there in Danny’s Wood:
Luminous, luridly unnatural ‘Don’t shoot me – shoot anything else that moves! ’ vests;
A cacophony of football rattles viciously clacking and gnashing their teeth
Like a pack of ravening hounds baying for blood,
And, above all, that unmistakable, sickly smell,
Harbinger of the ultimate predator,
Spreading and encircling like a stalking plague,
Cutting off escape,
Closing in for the kill.

It was still going,
Charging over the ridge
And lost to line-of-sight of one rifle
After both barrels had missed their mark.

Seconds later, from the other side of the hill,
One solitary shot rang out,
Its six or more distinct echoes
Ricocheting and reverberating off every slope between
Brunstatt and Bruebach:
A sort of sorry, last salute for a Sanglier:
A worthy adversary,
But for me more a sad memory
Of a man-made murder unnecessary.

- Tony Jolley.

Dude. Keep it up. Aliroz The Confused.

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I no be here? Me writy song time! Bitch, you got Songed. To the guy called Everz,
One I've never ever,
Know... A European like me!
Wow, that fills me with glee!
I salute you, dear friend,
Maybe soon we'll defend,
The castle from demons and monsters,
And maybe even go further,
You are cool, and pretty fly,
Who can hate you? There's no reason why. - [[{{Tropers\Inhopelessguy}} The Songseamster]]

YOU MAY KNOW EVERYTHING I'M GOING TO DO, BUT- oh screw it, nobody's going to get this anyway. - Katana Cat

Hello. - Boxen