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White Hindu
[up]Your avatar is appropriate. Really, VHS tapes? In today's internet age, that is ancient!
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From today's sketch's note, it seems that Krow's friendly and responsive to the commenters on his site. Makes me wish I wasn't too shy to approach at C 2 E 2 due to my lack of funds to actually buy something I wanted.
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3928 NESgamer19019th Dec 2012 07:56:03 AM from a NES cartridge , Relationship Status: Brony
Had a triple feature...

First dream will not be disclosed.

Second dream involves ponies, and to sum it up, it wound up with me V. Gilda... a few spheres of violence later, I got clobbered before Fluttershy went berserk and mauled Gilda a new one. Mostly a what-if scenario of sorts.

Third dream summarily involved me going to my old elementary school, seeing crocodiles in a newly-formed swamp that was not there. I notice I am agitating them, and back off, but one of them still fancied me a big ol' leg o' mutton. Cue the croc catching up and me having to wrangle the bugger and tying his snout shut. The knot did not hold, and eventually, someone caught the bugger that managed to open the door, and broke his spine.

I don't think it's normal of me to have a triple-feature.
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3929 Hobgoblin19th Dec 2012 10:11:03 PM from the USA , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
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First dream will not be disclosed.

You tease. sad
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All hail
The other day I had a dream where I was at a house party in Germany (I'm not sure why I was in Germany, but I was).

Then some woman standing near me started motioning for me to move over. I figured it was because I was standing too close (even though she wasn't there a moment ago, so she was invading my personal space), so I moved over a bit. Then she pointed to the door and told me to leave. She wasn't the owner of the house, but she told me I wasn't invited (even though dream me knew she was just being a bitch).

Suddenly I felt like I was slammed face-first into a brick wall, which partly woke me up. I ended up with some lucidity, which allowed me to say that since I'm the dreamer and everything in the dream is just the creation of my mind, the house was mine. But, if she really wanted me gone...

I woke up.

I'm still unsure what that feeling of slamming into a brick wall was, though.
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That feeling when your own subconscious constructs don't want you around.

feels bad man.
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3932 NESgamer19020th Dec 2012 07:10:23 PM from a NES cartridge , Relationship Status: Brony
[up][up][up]If it makes you feel better, it's not posted for everyone's sanity... if I withhold a dream, it's usually out of the case of it not being safe for work. (Then again, mileage may vary, given one of my dreams being relatively grim.)

Had no dreams last slumber unfortunately... thought a couple mind-catchers would work, but not this time.
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Sooooo spoiler tags?

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3934 Poisonarrow20th Dec 2012 07:15:57 PM , Relationship Status: In love with love
I had a dream that I was slowly tearing out my own organs through my mouth.

this was after I did an amazing performance accompanying myself on the piano.
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3935 NESgamer19020th Dec 2012 07:33:37 PM from a NES cartridge , Relationship Status: Brony
[up][up]To answer mind catchers, it's something that kinda sticks in the mind, kinda like a limpet parasite or something... could be something innocent, like a catchy tune, or ridiculously comedic, or dreadfully tragic, or something that just won't get out of the mind easily. It's no guarantee that the catcher'll be the subject of the dream, but it's a bit better off than a spontaneous dream.

I do hope that clears up the mess. As for spoilertags, I've no clue how to do them, and besides, I'm sure even with them, the post'd be annihilated for it.

[up]Oh dear... that's grim, yet poetic... (If an organ's a type of piano.)

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I thought we were talking about a New Agey thing you hang on doors? By the way, I hate New Agers for appropriting other cultures (mostly American Indians) for profit.
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Here's the Test Formatting Rules. As for spoilers specifically, try it like [[spoiler: this]] to get this.

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Looking cool, amirite?
Normally, I'm not your "Weird dreamer" type of guy.

That being said, I did dream of killer cats that turned into alligators a few nights back.
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So this one person I know online was apparently going to try to shut down our RP group awhile back because they're an idiot who thought we were all backstabbers or something.

I had a dream that they actually asked about the group and if it'd be possible for them to be let into our group's chatroom. I was about to tear into them saying no, I knew why they really wanted to be in the chat, how they didn't know anything anything, how much of a fucking hypocrite they were, and how much I just hated them overall.

Unfortunately I never got to because my dream switched or something.

Not so much strange as stupidly mundane. Wonder why I would've dreamed that.
3940 LoniJay21st Dec 2012 08:55:51 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Had some quite interesting imagery in a dream I had the other day.

Long story involving some ancient ruins and stuff that I don't want to go into... anyway, there was this one boy who was drawn to explore these ruins buried deep, deep underground (they seemed like modern or even futuristic buildings to me, but my dream self knew they were ancient - too much Obernewtyn Chronicles, perhaps). Anyway, I was somehow spying on this kid's dreams?

In the kid's dream, there was a big room, vaguely cathedral-like, made of sandstone. All these silent hooded people were brushing the walls with these little archeology brushes. Sand was falling away from the walls and revealing carved words that all said things like Help me, (boy's name). Help me. Come find me, I need you. Help me, (name), save me (name). Kill me.

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I had a doozy last night. I started off on Gilligan's Island and everyone was still stuck, but then friends of the Howells' showed up in a car and promised to go get help. They drove off and the Professor said they weren't coming back because they wanted the Howells' money.

Then the island was a vacation spot for tourists and the Trickster from Supernatural was there and he kept losing this game where you knock bottles over. So he was complaining about that in the gift shop and I said I could win the game. He wanted to know why I wanted to try, I said it was because I wanted one of the prizes for my cousin, but it was because I thought he was cute and wanted to impress him.

I ended up in a huge, weird house, climbing up a staircase while the Trickster tried to make me admit I was only going to play because I liked him by saying I had two sisters. Then I was back on the beach again, playing the game but I had to get soda-slushies thrown at me first. My dad was suddenly there and took the fact that the sodas were brand-name as an indication that the game was rigged. I played anyway and was going to win, but the woman there took the bottles away.

After that, I woke up.

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3942 NESgamer19022nd Dec 2012 07:52:09 AM from a NES cartridge , Relationship Status: Brony
Okay... here's another dream... once again, I'm giving a couple head's ups here... namely the fact it's pony related, and that it may show signs of Also of note is that it's long, and finally, time skips are abundant.

It all started out while I was trekking about Equestria, escorted by Fluttershy and that eventually we stumbled across the shed. I wonder what it's for, but she goes trying to dissuade me. After one dissuasion later, I went back out of absolute curiosity, and opened up to see the horror. Just then, a voice came by and needless to say, I knew things were going to be ugly, as I looked back and saw a more deranged Fluttershy. Cue me getting put to an operating table with two swinging pendulum axes, and losing the limbs aside from the head, her mentioning of a screaming chair (Yay, Shout-Out). I lost consciousness from the immense pain, but regained it, only to see more torture was soon to follow, until the police arrived just in time. Unfortunately, I was left in the shed, with no aid whatsoever.

Then I woke up in a Catapult Nightmare fashion, and then my mind wound up realizing it's a Dream Within a Dream. Cue (of all the individuals) Fluttershy checking up on me. Given the horrid nightmare, I made possibly a mad move and ran for it, quickly bolting for the farm. Within some cover and within about 10 minutes, I knew that one thing was for sure, that I'm in for probable wrangling as I crunched at the apple in hand, watching as Applejack and Fluttershy (Owner and visitor respectively) hit an agreement 20 minutes in on my recon. At that, I quickly fled to Pinkie Pie's place, only to realize I got caught in a surprise party after the 10 minute trip. As I managed to get in, I helped myself to a couple treats, hoping to tune my memory out, only to see the return of Fluttershy and Applejack. In yet another bout of panic, I fled towards the tub and dove in, using Gummy the toothless alligator as a rebreather when needed (Don't ask how it works... cartoon logic is my answer to this one). Eventually, I felt something heavy land upon me, and let's just say an underwater "Augh!" was uttered as I resurfaced for air, once again to see what caused me to surface, and needless to say, I fled with a panicked whooping.

Some time after the party, I stumbled across Rarity, who wanted to talk of fashion. I agreed to talk near her boutique, and she mentioned how my mane was a horrible mess and that I should go in and take it easy while she fixes that up. About ten minutes of manetenance (Yes, that was an Incredibly Lame Pun), I heard a voice, and knew things were going to go wrong and I quickly fled toward yet another part of Ponyville. At that, I saw a little shadow hover over, and needless to say, I was quickly tackled by Rainbow Dash, who was constantly trying to pin me down. She was mentioning how Fluttershy was distraught about my panic attacks, and how I kept rebutting that she'll make me a screaming chair, until I saw Fluttershy heading over again. Once again, panic had arisen, and the adrenaline had helped me escape confrontation again as I fled once more to the farm.

As I wheezed within the orchard, I heard a distant "Yee haw!" and my ears immediately flattened to the skull of mine as I was shortly lassoed in short order and needless to say, my recon proved true as Applejack mentioned "What in tarnation are you doing running away from Fluttershy?" I frantically replied how she'd lop my limbs and make a screaming chair out of me, and cue Fluttershy, not a second later inbound, and after a few feeble attempts to break the rope bonds, I opted to roll away (No points for this Shout-Out). As for where I rolled, it ultimately wound up at a tree house within Ponyville, but not without several pinball bounces and apples hitting me.

Upon crashing into the treehouse's door, it was promptly opened to reveal that Twilight Sparkle took residence, and needless to say, she had a smile, mentioning if Applejack wrangled me good. I wound up trying to facehoof in vain, and requested a hoof in the manner. She simply shook her head as I hopped in to the best of my capacity. I went to discuss my story to Twilight Sparkle, and needless to say, she didn't take it well by the end, and of course, I was removed of ropes, only to be held down by magic shackles. Cue the rest of the mane six (Fluttershy included) to come in and see me freak out, begging for mercy and to not become a screaming chair. Despite all of that, I was on my own, and upon one last feeble struggle to break the shackles, I collapsed in exhaustion, and was effectively unconscious again.

When I came to after about 2 hours of being exhausted, I noticed myself within a different tree house, much closer to the Everfree Forest, and already, Oh, Crap was in my mind, but in a shocking subversion, Fluttershy didn't go making me into the screaming chair. However, as I looked down, I saw yet another, beginning to wonder what happened. Needless to say though, the alternate Fluttershy readied a chainsaw and showed a most cruel grin. Cue a combined panic attack from the two relatively sane ponies quickly darted by, fleeing for the town.

(Dream ends here... Good gravy, was that a wild dream.)
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3943 kablammin4522nd Dec 2012 08:03:43 PM from chugging down the track , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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The other morning, after having a Cartoon Network related dream, I dont have any clue what happened, but i woke up, somehow, but I was still seeing stuff from my dream. I wound up convincing myself that i was at a sleepover with the Kids Next Door and that Numbah Five had gotten up to do something. I dont know whether I was hullcinating or still asleep or just having a very vivid dream, but it was quite a Mind Screw.

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I had a dream that my best friend fancied me but I didn't fancy her. I woke up very confused...
I'm so sorry that my avatar doesn't appear fully in the shot, but the cat was threatening the photographer.
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Reading NE S Gamers pony related dreams caused me to have one the other night.

It really only boiled down to me realizing that everything and everyone I looked at turned into one of the Mane 6. It ended with me looking at myself in the mirror and becoming Rainbow Dash.

Also, there was last nights dream where my relatives, as well as Arthur Read and Buster, clad in white togas, took me to a theater with a number of portals in it and informed me that I was The Chosen One to go into many different cartoon worlds and find the character who I was most like, and turn into them. The first world they assigned me was Equestria, and the character I needed to find was Rarity. (Who I am not like in the very least, if any of them, I bear more in common with T.S.) In the end, Iwound up waking up before I could start.

Blasted Fever Dreams...
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3946 NESgamer19024th Dec 2012 07:32:30 PM from a NES cartridge , Relationship Status: Brony
[up]Didn't think I'd have contagious dreams... A pity the dream ended before you could begin the quest... but I'm sure you'll hopefully find the dream again!

As for personal dreams, I got none that are safe for discussion. Forgive me for being a tease, but I'm sure the topic of the dream'd be too uncivil to mention at all! Besides, the details weren't too good in my head (Considering I was knocked unconscious in the dream, but that's all I'll say of it). Hopefully, if I fall asleep again, I will have a dream I can share with everyone.
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The one you'd mentioned to me wasn't that bad.
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3948 NESgamer19024th Dec 2012 07:42:22 PM from a NES cartridge , Relationship Status: Brony
[up]Well... it's a certain kind of evil... you've heard of that... R word, right? That's why I am withholding the dream. I am pretty sure nobody put up a dream with that involved... and I kinda wished to be safe instead of sorry and banned. (Call me a drama king now, but common sense [more likely paranoia] is saying a dream with that topic involved will not be tolerated on the forums. Spoilers or not, I would be afraid I'd get banished for it.)
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Oh, gotcha.
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I had a Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series dream.

The only detail I can remember was that Yami was a tax evader.

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