Video game ideas you're sure that only you think are a good idea:

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C'mon. Write em down here. What do you think would make a good video game, but you're sure everyone will laugh at you?

I for one think that the Discworld franchise would make an awesome fighting game. Put in the main character from each plot thread and standalone books, round it out with some of the more important/popular supporting characters, and you've pretty much got an excellent fighting game roster.

I really don't know what made me think of it.

Anyone else?
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A bright vibrant world where everyone is happy!

Asking for further description is treason.
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Faceless stranger

No, seriously, think about it. Everyone's a little yellow lego guy, and the entire world is built out of Legos. You can take pieces from anywhere and stuff them in your inventory to build with later, as long as they're not part of something somebody's already built and doesn't want other people to take apart.
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A game where you play a shadow that gets separated from its owner. That's it, just a shadow looking to go home. We're not sure what the mechanics would be, but they should be awesome.

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I have an idea for the above idea. You don't play as a shadow, but a sympathetic "Angel Of Light". You must, only by manipulating light sources, allow the shadow to get back to it's owner.

Also both "The Owner" and "The Angel Of Light" will be played by adoooorable little girls, for maximum cuteness.
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Faceless stranger
If you want maximum cuteness, the shaodw, the owner, and the angel of light should all be tiny kittens. When you finish the game, you get to see all three of them snuggle together in a little kitten pile and fall asleep.
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How could they sleep with an Angel of Light?

That's actually a really good idea, Scorunge. And we could have different models for the Angel Of Light, so those of us with refined tastes can play as something truly adorable.
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... You have positively bizzarre taste in houspets, Charlie Trombone.
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But look at it's little lazy eye, it's so cute!

Who's a widdle naked cutey? You are! Yes, you are!

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10 Karalora13th Jan 2009 08:25:57 PM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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I would totally play a Discworld fighting game, and maybe even a LEGO MMORPG.
11 Matrix13th Jan 2009 09:04:26 PM from The Matrix, Canada , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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LEGO MMORPG!?!?!?!?!?!? AWESOME!!!!!

I would build cute and powerful things..
12 Tangent12813th Jan 2009 09:10:58 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Would they have the Technic pieces?
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Faceless stranger
They'd probably save Technic pieces for an expansion.
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A game that combines Assassin's Creed and Shadow of the Colossus with the MMORPG-esque world of Summoner.
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Tank Culture!

A basically empty city would be divided up among large gangs, and the culture of these gangs is centered around the ownership and upkeep of refurbished tanks.

Players would compete in real time, trying to increase their gang's strength and territory. Very simple, like MULE or Herzog Zwei, but from an eye-level perspective, so you'd have to remember where things are and delegate stuff to AI.
Super Mario RPG style RPG starring the Voltron Force, the Eagle Riders, the main cast of Pokémon, and such.

Well, at least that's what I thought when I was like 10 years old.
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17 Ironeye14th Jan 2009 12:44:59 AM from SoCal , Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
Discworld fighting game? Lego MMO? Why haven't these been made? (Oh, right, because they'd be really hard to pull off well and probably would be hard to justify investing in...oh, well.)

Also, that shadow game sounds really cool. I vote that the goal for the Angel of Light is to return the shadow to...Matrix! The final scene...!Cutegasm!

As for me, I'd like to see an MMORPG set entirely in a properly-scaled Dungeon Punk / Steam Punk City of Adventure, with a good dozen or more factions the player could join. (And I do mean join, not just "do so much for them and rep up so much that you've probably done more for their cause than any of their named representatives, yet are still officially part of another faction".) Most of these factions would be hostile to a given faction (assuming you don't join one of the illegal factions), but your faction's allies may not be allies of each other... Additionally, every significant action (completing major quests, killing a sentient being, taking an area for your faction, etc.) would affect your standing not only with each of the factions (and particularly noteworthy deeds would truly affect your standing with ALL major factions), but also with influential members of each faction. There'd easily be over 100 NP Cs you could change your relationship with in a meaningful (game-altering) way, further complicated by the fact that ho matter how carefully you tread, at least a third of them won't like you—and that's only counting the ones who aren't outright hostile due to your faction choice.

I could ramble on about all of the mechanics I would like tweaked from the current standard, but I'd so play this game if they ever made it.

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A MUMORPUGER which centers a lot around craftsmanship, where you can form together to make a huge army complete with siege engines, but need people like carpenters, blacksmiths, alchemists etc. Also tailors, jewelers, basket weavers...

Let's face it, no-one wants to play a game that's a second job you have to pay for. Still.

Or maybe a Low Fantasy mumorpuger that takes place in a pop-culture style stone age, complete with dinosaurs and anachronistic technology and social concepts (such as money).
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19 Matrix14th Jan 2009 02:48:42 AM from The Matrix, Canada , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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I think they have a pop-culture stone age MMORPG. I've seen ads for it, I think it's German. Can't remember the name though. Maybe it's just "Stone Age." I forget.
I love the shadow game and Lego ideas. A Discworld fighting game would be interesting, but what exactly would Rincewind do? Run away?

I can't remember if I came up with this or if I read it somewhere, but I think there should be a game where you play as the Grim Reaper, and have to go around doing...reapery stuff.
21 Karalora14th Jan 2009 07:01:06 AM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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The way I see it, Rincewind would be the Joke Character. Weak attacks, weak defense, no special moves whatsoever...his only perk is that he has the fastest dodge in the game.

And that every time he gets hit, there is an increasing chance that The Luggage will automatically swoop in and eat his opponent, instantly ending the match. Let's say it starts at 1% likeilhood for the first hit and increases by a percentage point for every two additional hits, capping at 10%.
An MMORPG with a game mechanic in which characters can call upon AI-controlled familiars or trained pets to aid them in battle.

With the added gimmick that at the title screen, players who feel like doing something different can be put in a queue instead of signing on as their character. And when the time comes, they will be able to play as said familiars or trained pets when players call for them.
23 Karalora14th Jan 2009 01:00:41 PM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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Isn't it funny how the title of this thread is being proven wrong?

I used to have an idea for a video game that I was pretty sure only I thought would be worthwhile. Since I knew there was no chance of it being made even if I pitched to the license holder, I turned it into a Fan Fic instead.

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Who says Rincewind has to be a complete joke character? He did fight off several cosmic horrors on at least two seperate occasions with a sock full of sand, and his own flailing limbs.

He wouldn't be the best fighter in the game, mind, but give him a "Summon Luggage" special, and a very good dodge and "run away" mechanic and you'll have a character based on chipping away an opponent's life while not getting hit.

The main problem I've come up with while thinking about this (and I have throught about it quite a bit) is getting some bad guys in there. Villains on the Discworld have this nasty habit of dying for reals. Unless the designers make up a new villain out of whole cloth it will mostly just be a fighting game full of the various main characters beating eachother up (which would be awesome).

Then again, I figured Mort and Cohen would be secret characters, so I suppose death isn't so much of an obstacle.
25 Karalora14th Jan 2009 03:58:08 PM from San Fernando Valley, CA , Relationship Status: In another castle
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That works too, although I still like the idea of The Luggage being outside player control.

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