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[up][up] Yes, disambig sounds good.
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77 DonaldthePotholer2nd Jun 2012 07:41:47 PM from Somewhere in (not)Miami
Overrated and Underleveled looks to me like a Sub-Trope of Informed Ability, i.e. the character is supposed to be a Bad Ass, but his stats are more like a Noob's or, at best, a Munchkin.

To me, Restart at Level One is when you've actually played as this character for a lot longer than the Tutorial Level but at some point in the game (in a platformer, it's after a few levels/acts, in an RPG it's around the time of the Disc-One Final Dungeon) suffers a depowering event and you still play as that same character afterwards.

If the depowering event happens at the end of the Tutorial Level, what you have is A Taste of Power.

If you drop to Level 1 due to a Class Change that you choose to do, then it's not this trope. Also not this Trope is when you go to Level 1, but it's later discovered that it's Lv 1 in a Prestige Class (e.g. Cecil in Final Fantasy 4). This latter instance might be Too Rare to Trope.

And, as previously stated, Bag of Spilling is a depowering between installments.

As an analogy, the Tropes on the Left in the list below are to Video Games as those on the Right are to a Romance Arc:

Hopefully, this makes at least my interpretation a bit easier to see.

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Could use feedback/hats on the YKTT Ws: Here and here.
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Hmmm, okay, this is worse than I thought.

I'll adopt the YKTTW. I'm not sure both will work, but we'll see. In the meantime, this is where I need help: Examples of Restart at Level One can be merged into Overrated and Underleveled. No reason to wait. If the examples fit better in the YKTTW, then move it there.

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I've adopted the YKTTW, but both are slow. Anyone willing to lend a hand?
Ok, Class Change Level Reset launched. Restart at Level One is now a disambig.

What needs to be done:

Change Restart at Level One wicks to:

The differences between these tropes can be found on the disambig.
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Took a stab at it.
Good. There's one more YKTTW to launch, but it's not gathering many examples so it may not be a thing. I'll monitor it to see if anything comes out, but we're done here.
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At issue:
This trope is a duplicate of another trope, Overrated And Underleveled.

It has ~70% misuse, mostly for "any event that causes you to drop back to level one".

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