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1 dmysta30006th Jul 2011 09:56:15 PM from New York and New Jersey , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Big Smoky
You can watch it here.

At this point I'm halfway through the first episode

You know, normally I don't watch Reverse Harem anime. But Norio Wakamoto in possibly one of his most hammiest roles ever is what is convincing me to keep watching. [lol]

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Needs more Norio Wakamoto and less dating sim.

So, I totally thought the cat stole her panties until I realized it was just a handkerchief.

That opening insert song reminded me why I'm not into boy bands.

But really, can they just make an entire spinoff show of Shining Saotome? Because I would watch that. And all it would consist of is people doing regular, mundane activities only to be interrupted by Saotome swooping down from the skies in full costume and serenading them with a pop song, followed by him flying off into the distance to ambush other unsuspecting muggles and leaving a trail of rose petals and confetti in his wake.

And it would be the best anime ever.

3 dmysta30007th Jul 2011 03:49:06 PM from New York and New Jersey , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Big Smoky
Amen to that. [lol] Until then this show will be a Guilty Pleasure to me.
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I hate the genre and most of the characters here (Miyuki Sawashiro sounding bland and unsexy ? Was that a bet ?), but I'm considering watching more episodes in the hope of more Shining Saotome. Dude's awesome.
Liveblogging of EP 8 of Umineko no Naku Koro ni to start... sometime.
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I am sad about Miyuki Sawashiro's uncharacteristic voicing as well. I like her voice like in Gosick and Durarara!! much more...;_;

Also, I don't hate reverse harem animations, but I'd rather play the game. And....holy, I do remember why I don't like pop-boybands now. And I am probably the only one who doesn't care about Shining Saotome.

Mmm, but awesome seiyuu selection. Mamoru Miyano is love. As is about every other male voice. Will continue this to get a general idea what the plot is about, then play the game when I can read Japanese. I haven't started learning yet but...

But the animation is pretty...okay. Quality-wise, I mean. Then again, don't take my word on his too serious. After all, if the style isn't totally off, I'd always say something looks well-animated....
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Taller than Zim
The animation is okay but HOLY SHIT THE COLORING IS OFF. T He main character looks like something outright evil.
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I'm watching this show for the comments. They make the show ten times more entertaining. grin

[up] Notice how about half the comments were about her eyes.
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8 dmysta30009th Jul 2011 10:31:39 AM from New York and New Jersey , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
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A-already? When is this series scheduled to air each week?
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10 dmysta30009th Jul 2011 03:12:38 PM from New York and New Jersey , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Big Smoky
From the streaming schedule on Niconico, apparently every Saturday.
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Oh, okay, so it was just the subs that came later for the first episode. Waiting for the subs of this one now, before saiyng anything, aside from, yay Mamoru Miyano love, still.

But I rewatched the ...err...performance the boys did in the beginning of episode one. Boy, can those guys shake hips xDDD But I can't help but...enjoy it the longer I watch the intro. It's all about imagining them singing for oneself...yes, otome game fan speaking here, and meaning other otome game fans. So don't dare to come with an -uhh, no? I am not gay-comment. But I suppose there are no lost boys here, anyway...I think? ...I shut up now.

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There are a lot of people who learned music by ear, but I do have to wonder how the girl passed the exam without knowing how to read music. ...Does the school just not test for that? That seems kind of odd. Especially considering that the school seems to expect its students to be able to compose decent songs upon arrival.

Then again I am asking for realism in a reverse harem anime. I think I am probably looking in the wrong place.

So is this going to follow a one ep-one guy type of thing? How is this going to last a full season?

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More like "two episode per dude", as it seems the show isn't done with the redhead yet.

In this second episode, Shining Saotome has a single minute of awesome at the very beginning and then disappears altogether. Um, yeah, I don't think I'm going to bother with any more of the show.
Liveblogging of EP 8 of Umineko no Naku Koro ni to start... sometime.
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...and it'll have 12 episodes, or so Animenewsnetwork says. So...we have six guys, don't we? You can tell I never bothered to count all guys and/or remember their names. Too bad, I really wanna see the teachers...(do the teachers appear in teh fandisk as eligible? I can't find information on that.)

Anyway, Uta Puri is pretty popular in Japan, or at least amongst Japanese Pixiv artists. In the daily rankinsg there are always a few Uta Puri fanarts. Kurusu Sho is one of the frequently seen...

Nnng, I got addicted to the ending. Damnit.
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15 dmysta300016th Jul 2011 11:03:47 AM from New York and New Jersey , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
So besides the Shining Saotome spinoff, I think I would also be interested in the tale of Nanami Haruka, Ordinary High-School Student, trying to undo her deal with a demon. Those weird lockups and vision-going-fuzzy moments are due to her soul being possessed by the demon, as well as her lack of pupils.

....They must have put serious cash into transporting the idyllic, rolling hills and pastures of rural France into the middle of Japan. Just where in the country is this place?

Okay, I take back all my criticism about this show because apparently this school lets you have flamethrowers and that's pure awesome.

But the Saotome percentage fell to 0% this time.

And that is negative awesome.

So it's finally the three episodes mark. This show is actually really fun to spork....so I think I might keep watching.

[up][up] Regarding the names: I still only know them as "blue haired guy, red haired guy, tall blond guy, short blond guy, not-Hayato, glasses guy, trap teacher, friend, cat."

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[up]Colour-Coded for Your Convenience and some more, huh?

So, yeah, the story isn't the greatest. But you rarely find a fluffy romancing, high-school centered otome game with a really interesting plot or missing any logical flaws/absolutely nonsensical stuff. So, yeah. What usually could save the lacking story are interesting characters and awesome art (I am looking at you, Starry☆Sky - no matter how many critics, it is loved by its large fansbase).

So, it has awesome art. I really love the anime art, which is, I think, very close to the game art, no? I really love the art.

Characters? According to many (here and probably anywhere else as well - I don't agree but I like the ending, so it isn't saying much evil grin), headmaster Saotome is one of those interesting characters. The guys...I am really not sure yet... Aside from the winning seiyuu cast I really can't say that much about their deepness of characters after three episodes only. Really, though, I am more interested in the trap, the female-dressed teacher...

...I was going to comment on Nanami, but now Japan won the Female Football/Soccer World Cup in Germany and I am too distracted to think of how to put her...interesting character into words.

Oh, and that cat is a Ridiculously Cute Critter, seriously. One ratehr regular, almost boring one, but still, a cute one and that's a bonus. For now. I duno what's up with her existence.
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New episode.

Japan must be the only country where a financial company, of all things, advertises by hiring idols manufacturing idols out of one's own family members. I'm just trying to imagine Lady Gaga going on TV, telling us about how great Goldman Sachs is right now...

does not computeź

I was expecting a plot about how all the girls started to hate Nanami because he handed a rose to her, but it never happened.

I'm starting to see where the blue/blond slashers are getting their fuel—it's not hard to interpret those "Getting rather close to Nanami, eh?" lines as jealousy. Then add on drifted apart-childhood friendship, slacker/serious personality contrast, and being roomies...
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It didn't even have to take THAT MUCH aside from being from rivalling companies and childchood friends to make them the perfect poster couple of shounen ai within otome games/settings.

Those guys are always so cute when they are smaller and younger...

I never even bothered to question a game's logic. Let's just enjoy the eyecandies. Or listen to the music. I think I like this anime's background music. Or the ending. Yay, the full ending is out.
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Last episode had Shining Saotome hypnotising Sho. And crosssdressing Sho, though against his will. And very manly Hyouga-movies.

But what the hell. Natsuki's...well, second personality Satsuki...looks...like...Shizuo in the sequence where Sho tells Haruka what's the deal with Natsuki/Satsuki. Is that a Shout-Out or...?

...and is it normal people react absolutely un-shocked and unimpressed/delighted even when finding out a classmate has a split personality disorder or DID, even wanting to talk to the more violent personality? Okay, so the violent, angry using traffic signs and wreaking havoc through the streets a la Shizuo personality is a genius is composing/writing lyrics, but STILL. Is Haruka that much of a Na´ve Newcomer / Country Mouse? o_O

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Yes. Not sure about the shout-out, but probably no for that.

Are they sure this show isn't secretly about magic? You know, demonic eyes, hypnotizing, power-sealing glasses, role-switching twins...

Not gonna lie, I think the "UtaFuri"* Pixiv tag is pretty funny despite being a terrible pun.
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Oh well. We gotta expect something like this when it's a romance game with music running on comedy...

But, Satsuki is making Natsuki much more interesting.

Sometimes I hate it when there are no previews on the next episode. Though for UtaPri isn't that frustrating as it is for Steins;Gate, that's more dramatic.

Speaking of dramatic. ...the entire Satsuki thing at the concert was OVERdramatic, the thing with a storm coming up, wind getting fierce, the lighting that struck...seriously? Oh well.

I know every otome series have a good amount of teasing between the guys, it's kind of inevitable if you want a series where guys interacti witheach otehr to build on their eprsonaliyt and also make them more interesting for the female's eyes. Just, this series has some very distingt pairs in from of their rivals...and they live in the same room each, too. Adds to the Ship Tease. Oh pixiv. The artists love Sho, and Ho Yay.

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Next episode (7) out and fansubbed. ...major angst on the Hayato/Tokiya-Haruka stuff.

And this series won't have one Beach Episode, but an entire trip to the beach arc as it seems?

Oh, look, we see Ringo in anotehr outfit now. And in anotehr one again! ...Can we focus on Satsuki, again? I think he is much more interesting than the others. Or the teachers now.
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You know, I kind of wonder how they enforce that silly "No romance" rule. Do you get expelled or something? Why haven't they punished the gaggle of girls following Ren around at all times?

Also, does this mean Natsuki sleeps and showers with glasses on?

Oh hey swimsuit time

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...I think the manga said something about being expelled if you start a romance...? Yeah, the manga says that. No idea what the game says. Can't read Japanese.

Oh and...I guess fangirling and creating a fanclub (in my eyes those girls are already a fanclub) and actively doing those club activities like swooning over one guy doesn't equal romance. Maybe they think this is yet another way to simulate the real thing being in the idol business, having fans, I mean, without having a relationship...

...or Sho has to daily put the glasses back on whenever Natsuki/Satsuki does either of those. Poor guy has a dangerous life, anyway, Natsuki is dumb as a brick and a Lethal Chef to boot AND likes him too much, and Satsuki likes to wreck things...and people, and is moody. The entity Shinomiya is a dangerous being all around. And Sho therefore is a Butt-Monkey.

...I am ridiculously looking forward to swinsuit times. Or more likely swim trunks times. I have enough of sexy swimsuit clads girls. I guess that proves I am straight. ...no, maybe I am looking forward to Ringo. Yes, Ringo...therefore, I wish the teachers join those beach times actively, not passively. Chances of that happening? I bet nil.

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