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26 Dec5th May 2011 05:44:59 AM from The Dance Floor
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Well, with regards to my current story:

1. Finish something.

2. Work out my problems with school and creative projects. No, seriously — the original idea, after realizing "holy shit, this premise is impossible" was to use it as a metaphor for my problems with ADD and keeping up with work, which was actually a ridiculous enough idea to work. I've moved away from that in the actual writing, but its still the thing that holds the story together in my head.

3. Do a decent and coherent job of it. As an extension of the "holy shit this premise is impossible" concept, if I can have the story make sense and be overall an okay read, that would be equivalent to success.

4. Writing practice. There's no plan for this thing to be an actual publishable book, but since I don't have a better concept to spend my time on… eh. *shrugs* Its a nice way to spend my time learning while coming up with something else to do.

In general, though, I create things the hopes that I'll be understood, and understood well enough that people forget that they're reading a book or looking at a picture and just feel it.
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27 Tre7th May 2011 03:57:43 PM from inside your radio , Relationship Status: Singularity
With Stuck I'm trying to tell a good story (well, duh), but in a way that one wouldn't expect out of a novel. Hence, I'm not really thinking up my ideas for it in the form of a book, but as a set of 3 movies. I guess I've been successful on that front (the second post on its dedicated thread concurs) in the storytelling itself, but I think the other stuff like the episode format and the playlist I'm planning will help even more with the "movie" atmosphere.

And hey, if it ends up becoming a movie(s), then hopefully the writers won't have to change much! smile
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Or... meh... I dunno.

Most likely just to express myself enough so that I may feel content.
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29 Ronka877th May 2011 04:15:00 PM from the mouth of madness.
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30 Lasty7th May 2011 08:30:03 PM from Auld Lang Syne
Really, I just write to tell a story, so said story isn't bouncing around in my head forever. I guess a secondary goal for my current two works is to see if writing a bunch of loosely interrelated stories works for the purpose of building a world.
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Well primarily to entertain and provoke thought. Certain projects do have rather specific goals though. My superhero story is basically an experiment in creating a universal continuity while still including the likes of Parallel Realities, Time Travel etc.
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I'm affected with too much indecision to stick to a story and not scrap it for two long, but I'm trying to make a webcomic in the end, with a good story
My goals with writing are mostly to do something with the plethora of characters I come up with. Seriously. They're a sickness.
1) Entertaining people.

2) Exposing people to more of the world via a gazillion Shout Outs to classical paintings, video games, musical pieces, and dropping various facts I've learned during research. Admittedly, my tendency to make Shout Outs was already there, but Twilight made me pursue this with a vengeance.

3) Examining problems in interpersonal relationships and showing how they can get better.

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I Did It For The Lulz, mostly.

Started as a homage/parody of A Song of Ice and Fire, only more brutal. It started taking a life of its own. Can't get the project out of my system, so I either finish it or go nuts.

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36 Misuki10th May 2011 09:58:32 AM from Texas, USA , Relationship Status: Married to the job
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My only goal is to tell my story. I've never really had any morals or lessons to teach in mind, but if someone interprets them, that would be cool.
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37 GAP18th May 2011 10:29:05 AM , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
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I hope to one day write great stories, have lots of fans and maybe become the enxt big thing. For now, my goal is to simply start and finish a story to completion and hopefully play with my audience's expectations.
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Most of my writing is with the goal of writing something I'd like to read but haven't found (or have found only badly-flawed versions).

I also write a few stories intended to portray my political opinions on disability rights issues. I'm very careful to avoid the usual pitfalls of Author Tract stories, though, by not allowing myself to write it unless I can take the perspective of the opposite side readily.

And some stories are with the goal of Genre Launch. I'd love to see more stories with ghost characters who don't 'move on' and don't want to.
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For Pillar of Heaven, my goal is to present a complex social study with a compelling plot; a social study would essentially follow in the footsteps of Children of Men, I.E., placing society in an "extraordinary" situation and seeing how it would play out in reality. Almost like a self-imposed deconstruction of the situation.

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40 TeraChimera18th May 2011 01:08:40 PM from somewhere out there
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Most of all, to write something I'd like to read.

I also aim to be at least a little unique - say, an Alternate History where magical creatures are well-known, and seeing how it would impact society. Do they need licenses to practice magic? If so, how easy are they to get? If not, how is the use of magic monitored, if at all? Not to mention its effects on technology, as my magic doesn't cause electricity to go bonkers. Steam trains didn't go out of style, as magically-created, fuel-less fires work pretty well instead of coal fires, for example. A Bag of Holding can bought in a store, but they're very expensive. Banks have protection against magical intruders as well as physical ones. And so on.

Sometimes, I aim for a specific style. I once wrote a short story that was set entirely in a hypercube. I wanted it to be as mysterious as possible, so I wrote in first-person. The protagonist woke up in there, but didn't bother explaining how odd it was, as this was part of a test he volunteered for. However, I didn't tell the reader it was a test, and the testers were only referred to vaguely, as "they" and "them". I also never used the words "hypercube", "tesseract", "experiment", etc. in the story, so the reader would have to use lots of lateral thinking to figure out what was going on, with warped gravity and rooms that loop back on each other.
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41 LordIronHat23rd May 2011 01:28:42 PM from Up hill, both ways
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In the long run, I plan to turn my story(s) into animated producions. The goal I have in mind is bringing animation to the prime-time audience.

The storys themselves are made with the goal of giving the audience something that they have not seen before, something that appeals to the people in a way that one does not have to be a hard-core fan to love it.
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42 feotakahari23rd May 2011 02:15:31 PM from Looking out at the city
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I want to write stories where the reader has no idea what my influences were, and potentially assumes I created all my ideas myself. (Fullmetal Alchemist+Green Lantern+Vampire: The Masquerade=What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?, I've never read anything like this before!)

I've also had a more specific goal when dabbling in erotic fiction: to write about things that can be sexy, but that I've never seen another writer treat as sexy. The world needs more variance in porn.
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[up]Never heard of The Geek have you :P

I actually admire that goal. There are very few writers I know that can make what amounts to porn intellectually stimulating or creative.
Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
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