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Once made a crazy awesome, long list of writing websites, tools, and podcasts.


Also, sorry I hijacked your profile.

D'aww, no worries - that totally made my night. :D

For anyone now curious, that list would be here, and it has also been cannibalized into the list here.

I also made a list of artist advice and tutorials here, for the artists who may be visiting. :P

I'm a troper who found the wiki in the summer of '09, and joined in on the forums a few month later. I was involved with the Kunin Group as an artist and colorist at one point, sporadically add input in the Trope Repair Shop, and have or currently read/posted in Troper Updates, IJBM, On-Topic Conversations, and occasionally in Writer's Block. Oh, and I had a liveblog called Hey, Lets Make a Webcomic!, and another one called The Library Segment, but those have both faded out.

I'm interested in drawing, art, design, languages†, writing, learning/autodidacticism, podcasting, working for myself, fanfiction, buisness (for necessities sake), sleight of hand, illusions, psychology, acting (especially method acting), old books, the relationship between the performer and the audience, and generally being stubborn and persistent about my own ambitions, to the point of trying to be The Unfettered.

Prone to Attention Deficit Creator Disorder and Writing by the Seat of Your Pants, but seriously, that comes with the territory.

Created Work Pages For:

Which explains that project there. LATIN FTW!
NOTE: If anything of mine gets published ever, I've decided its would be under the pseudonym S.B.D Bard. Just in case hell freezes over and you remember this when you find that book on sale in your local bookstore.

Ninja Vandal Nommed your page

Dec = December? Decimal? Decrement? ~GMH

@GMH: Dec is short for [LAST NAME REDACTED], and its what I sign my art with, actually.
Nice, my page finally got formally vandalized, lol! Do you have a tablet? ~Glenn Magus Harvey
Yep, a nice little one I got last Christmas from my family. Great for drawing, even better for quick internet vandalism. ;) ~Dec

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