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YMMV: Zatch Bell!
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Maruss, was he really a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing or was he Brainwashed and Crazy like Kolulu
  • Base Breaker: Victoreem. For many, he's the Ensemble Darkhorse. For others, he's just utterly random and pointless.
    • Purio is another one; whether his survival to the very end of the competition on nothing more than pure luck is hilarious or annoying varies heavily from fan to fan.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Gash has horns on his head when Kiyomaro is forced to wash him after a battle. Other Mamonos have horns, yet it is never brought up ever again.
    • The demon Momon was known to let out "kikiki" like sounds, akin to a monkey, but suddenly begins talking multiple volumes later. No one questions it.
    • One of the manga chapters is completely dedicated to a weird dream Kiyomaro had. It involved the reappearance of many characters (like Kiddo, D'artagnan and Leila), Sunbeam dressed as a fairy, "Manly Brago" teaching how do do "Silly Juggling" and many characters slapping Kiyo silly with various items. Apparently Kiyo loses his answer-talking ability for a while after having it, but the dream itself is never mentioned again.
      • It was implied that Kiyo was overusing the Answer-Talker Ability and the dream was a manifestation of the overuse as well as the stress from the events.
  • Complete Monster: Of all the evil demon children, Zofis was easily the most vile. A total sadist and an egotist, he horribly Mind Raped both humans and fellow mamodo, for practical reasons and For the Evulz, and enjoyed nothing more than the suffering of others. He also kept an army of 100 year old demons in line by creating the illusion of turning them back into stone tablets, thus being able to control them using their fear. He despised Brago and dreaded his power so much that he attemted to take his life rather than simply burn his spellbook and send him back to the Demon World. Most notably, he warped the heart and mind of Sherry's best friend Koko and made her do anything he wanted her to do, specifically if it hurt Sherry in any way (Koko nearly even jumped to a fiery, burning death because of him). His final threat was to not erase Koko's memory of her time as his partner so that she'd always suffer from the guilt and stay broken as a result, a threat that thankfully became empty when Brago forced the Dirty Coward into a Villainous Breakdown that left him broken.
  • Crazy Awesome: The entire series and almost every attack in it, particularly Kanchome's. Almost every single minor character has some kind of crazy attack, too.
    • And a good example of this? Sunbeam spent ten months in Africa. Immediately after he comes back...well...rock and roll!
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Victoreem, for... well everything. On top of his generally memetic theme, that utterly batshit song, and general ham, he's voiced by none other then Norio Wakamoto. His popularity is lampshaded repeatedly in omakes and the ending of the manga.
    • Seriously, why isn't this guy a meme already? He has the the potential for 5 memes already!
    • On top of that, the manga's fanart corner for fan-created demon children had to announce that they had gotten an absurd amount of Victoreem spinoff entries based on other letters, such as "Extreem".
  • Genius Bonus: In the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue in the final chapter, Demolt, perhaps the single most Ax-Crazy demon in the fight, is shown working in a quarry with a pickaxe that appears to be made from his weapons. It would seem that the reign of the fight's ultimate victor entailed the near-literal beating of swords into plowshares.
  • Growing the Beard: In the case of the anime, it takes a long while for the series to really take off and become something epic...until episodes 44 and 45, which features a brutal battle that Kiyo and Zatch flat-out lose. Shortly afterwards we're introduced to the stone tablets of 1000 year old mamodo in episode 48, and it just keeps going from there!
  • I Knew It: Gash and Zeon being twins.
  • Macekre: For the most part avoided except for one infamous element; the radioactive guns. note 
  • Only the Author Can Save Them Now: Against Clear Note. The rules of the tournament established throughout the story had to be completely broken to give the main characters a shot at victory.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: There can't be a single person who knew that Zofis was supposed to be male from the beginning. It doesn't help that his dub voice is noticeably similar to that of Wuya.
  • Villain Sue: Depending on who you ask, Clear Note is either a Villain Sue or an intentionally over-the-top parody of Villain Sues. He's a Bishōnen Generic Doomsday Villain Diabolus Ex Nihilo who makes his completely unforeshadowed entrance by beating Brago (until then the strongest character) half to death, defeats the Supporting Leader despite the fact that said leader's skin is explicitly resistant to his powers, comes back stronger every time you beat him up, is a Hero Killer (including one kill from thousands of miles away while critically wounded), and ultimately required what seemed suspiciously like an Ass Pull (it was foreshadowed... over three hundred chapters prior) to finally defeat. Whether all of this is annoying or darkly hilarious, again, depends on who you ask.
  • Wangst: Gash/Zatch can go a little overboard with his crying sometimes....
    • Then again, he is still a child.
  • The Woobie: There are many. Like Sherry.
    • Gash in his past.
    • F* ck it. The whole frickin' main cast.
    • The anime had Shion Hibiki in it's first filler arc and later Jerkass Woobie Maestro in it's second filler arc.
  • Woolseyism: Ponygon's nickname was dubbed such because he was a pony & Kiyo wanted him gone.

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