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  • Adaptation Displacement: Just look at how many tropes here are about the cartoon series instead of the original comics.
    • Averted in Europe, where the comic is still more well-known, since Disney comics are big in Europe.
  • Anti-Climax Boss After a, for the most part, spectacular second season, things climax with a final battle against Cedric, who was defeated, like, 100 times before, and even with his new powers, this didn't turn out any different.
    • Mainly because the Guardians went One-Winged Angel as well, while Cedric's new form wound up being more clipped than anything. Otherwise, Cedric would have gone Godzilla on Heatherfield. Poor Cedric; he just can't catch a break.
    • At the end of the Ragorlang saga in the comics, Edward Folkner, the Ragorlang hunter, is forced to fuse himself with the Ragorlangs, when the magical box he had created to capture the Ragorlangs is threatened to be taken away from him. He's going to come back some sagas later as a dangerous foe, right? Wrong! In the next issue, the girls defeat him quite fast at the end of that issue
  • Anvilicious: Some of the latest comics can come off as this.
  • Badass Decay: Cedric and Elyon suffered this in the cartoon series.
  • Dork Age: The issues following the New Power saga. The action packed and adventurous stories are done away from simple Slice of Life one-shots with brief storylines in between.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Phobos, young Nerissa, Cedric in human form.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple (At the beginning of the television series premiere, Will/Caleb was far more favorable than Cornelia/Caleb...but that seemed to die out pretty fast.)
    • It still has a strong following in fanfiction, to say nothing of the Girls Love slash shipping.
  • Foe Yay: Orube and Cedric, a canon example.
    • Phobos and Will, anyone? The animated show has its fair share, too.
  • Growing the Beard: The second season of the show, headed by Greg Weisman, greatly cut down on the bad comic relief, introduced a very cunning villain in Nerissa, placed more focus on WITCH itself, made the story an interesting battle of wits and trickery, and improved the combat sequences. Shame it ended right after.
  • I Am Not Shazam: We're not witches! That's just our initials!
  • Les Yay: "E is for Enemy" has Irma and Cornelia sleeping together, with Cornelia's hand on Irma's breast, as you can see in this image.
    • The comic has a lot of "moments" for Irma. A recent comic had this comment from her: "Oh, Will. I love when you take command."
    • According to Cornelia, Elyon describes her ideal partner as tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. How would you describe Cornelia's appearance?
      • In the comic, Cornelia says that Elyon always was "more than a friend, but more than a sister".
  • Magnificent Bastard: Nerissa.
    • Phobos is a contender too but usually ends up as a Smug Snake no matter how impressive his efforts are.
    • Shagon, by virtue of being Dangerously Genre Savvy and using it well. The only reason he failed is the fact that he understimated Matt's Heroic Willpower
  • Mondegreen: Prior to the point where Will's element in the Transformation Sequence became "quintessence", it was variously heard as "it worked", "big hook", and various other odd phrases. Closed captioning programs had particular difficulty with it.
    • It's changed so that it's audible as "the heart" eventually.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Take your pick as to when Nerissa crossed the line.
  • Periphery Demographic
  • The Scrappy: Blunk, though it's not so bad as people make it out to be, especially once he's toned down by the end of Season 1. It still says something that a character voiced by Steve Blum could be so unpopular in the first place.
  • Seasonal Rot: To some fans, some of the latest comics aren't as good as the first few sagas; mostly due to the fact there are no real villains that stick around longer than a couple of issues, and the stories can sometimes come off as Anvilicious. Where it started varies heavily between fans.
  • Squick: Will's reaction in "T is for Trauma" when Cornelia accidentally brings up the subject of Parental Incest. Also Irma and Hay Lin's response to Minion Shipping with Cedric and Miranda.
    • The second is pretty understandable, as it is both bestiality and pedophilia. Miranda is a little girl that transforms, Cedric is a monster disguised as a man.
  • Toy Ship: Lillian and Christopher in "W for Witch".
  • Ugly Cute: Blunk. According to Hay Lin he's "sort of cute."
  • Unfortunate Implications: On some of the merchandise, the only ones who get excluded are Hay Lin and Taranee.
    • The revelation that Matt was Kandrakar's agent from the beginning, even though he could have helped in previous saga, and it ruins the Secret Keeper intrigue in the fifth saga. But the Squick part is: a Really 700 Years Old agent sent to keep an eye on the guardians, being the boyfriend of a pubescent girl?
      • It's also implied that Matt was reincarnated and didn't actually know until his memories were awakened at the start of the New Power saga, due the fact that Orube and him have no idea who the other is when they first meet and repeated appearances of Matt's grandfather and mother, plus a girl who went at grade school with him.
    • The entire third arc of the comics ("Ari of Arkhantas") has some incredibly repulsive implications about disability. Having a Cute Mute son with an Ambiguous Disorder is presented as a valid Freudian Excuse - not to mention that the girls end up curing said son of his Ambiguous Disorder! Essentially, it's Why Couldn't You Be Different? presented as a heroic attitude.

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