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A warning to everyone: W.I.T.C.H. started out as a comic book in Italy. There's bound to be a few cultural differences.


  • The advertisements of the comic when it was first published described Irma as "also generous in her shape". "Generous in her shape" is Italian slang for "big tits, big butt, thin waist". It was targeted to teenaged girls.
  • Frankly Breast Expansion features heavily in both the comic and the series. This could all be somewhat explained by the fact they're teenaged girls, who probably are more than a little insecure about the size of their chests at that age.
    • Will's quite insecure about her underdeveloped bust size, and actually prefers being in her Guardian form because it makes her breasts bigger. Most images of her in Guardian form involve her arching her back and sticking out her chest.
    • Irma focuses on her breast size as much as Will but for different reasons. Irma is bigger than the other girls, in human form and Guardian form, and is rather prideful about it.
      • The novels based on the comics are even more explicit about it. Taranee, the young black girl with Hartman Hips, is shown here as a Pettanko who is initially jealous of Irma. Conversely, Irma is described as an "early bloomer" and much hay is made about how buxom she is, with both Will and Taranee showing open jealousy and bitterness.
  • At one point in the comics, they managed to show Phobos getting changed after one of his baths - with some whisperers holding up a cloth as the sole form of censoring his privates.
  • Some scenes Subverted this somewhat in the original Hyperion translation by censoring some scenes, most notably the ones where the girls were naked during their tranformations and other scenes, redrawing, cutting or even outright removing panels to fit. However, the newer JY translation Double Subvert this by basically ignoring the Hyperion release's censorship and leaving them as they were in the original Italian version. What makes this even more amusing is that both releases are marked by their respective companies as being appropriate for all ages.


  • W.I.T.C.H. had a couple of jokes relating to the girls receiving a certain kind of "enhancement" during their transformations; From the one-hour series premiere "It Begins/It Resumes":
    Hay Lin: (looking at her new wings) What do we have behind us?
    Cornelia: (looking straight down) What do we have in front of us?
    • In "N is For Narcissist", Cornelia gets a temporary upgrade of power which makes her substantially more busty, and while Caleb, her boyfriend, is "hearts-for-eyes" pleased, Irma crosses her arms across her chest and looks very embarrassed while saying something snippy.
    • A later joke in the second season episode "W is for Witch", when the girls were able to appear in their transformed states out in the open because they were able to pass it off as Halloween costumes. The girls all look visibly buxom, but Cornelia's mother is unimpressed by their "growth"...
      Mrs. Hale: Didn't think those costumes came with that kind of padding...
  • There's an episode where the word poo is used, but afterwords when it seems like someone is about to say it, a horse neigh cuts the sound off, indicating she was going to say shit instead of poo.
  • From the premiere: When Hay Lin first starts to get her powers, she begins sneezing and wrecks her room (her sneezing powering the wind), gets somewhat worried, and goes to talk to her grandmother about what happened. Her grandmother is trying to keep the Heart of Kandrakar hidden and isn't paying full attention to Hay Lin, who gets this annoyed look on her face and asks "This isn't another one of those 'becoming a woman' things, is it?"
  • "E is for Enemy" has a scene where Irma and Cornelia are sleeping together, in a closet. Cornelia is draped across Irma, resting her head on one breast while her hand is on the other, while Irma's hand seems to be stroking Cornelia's hair... and they're both very comfortable-looking as they sleep curled up together. Best not to look too deeply into this...
  • Probably the most surprising and explicit was Nerissa explaining how she masqueraded as Julian's lover in order for him to impregnate her so she could have a child; which pretty much amounts to rape.
  • For a cartoon that on the surface is so bright and cheerful, W.I.T.C.H. also has a great deal of genuine horror, but one key example that truly pushed the content envelope was a scene in Z is for Zenith. In that episode, Cedric betrays Phobos, transforming into his serpent form and eating him, and then going on a rampage in Heatherfield.
  • In "A Service to the Community", the image of an unconscious Will with white paint on her face is rather ... questionable.
  • In "Stop the Presses", Hay Lin's underwear is shown when her skirt flies up while she's riding an invisible wild boar.
  • In K is for Knowledge, Taranee is unavailable, so Matt offers to fill in for her. Will replies she'd rather not see him "filling in her tights."
  • In the last episode of Season 2 (animated series), during the final battle, Cedric swallows Phobos. Irma and Hay Lin comment on the fact, then Matt says 'So don't want to be around when he-' before he's cut off by someone.
  • In the penultimate episode of Season 2, the guardians remark on how they've been fighting Phobos constantly since the events in the previous episode. Hay Lin calls these events 'Phobos's Halloween Coming-Out party'.
  • In season 2, Cornelia accidentally brings up Parental Incest when all the other girls get jealous over their love interests gushing over teen!Nerissa.
    • And it gets even creepier when Hay Lin's 80 year old grandmother is transformed into a teenager and steals her boyfriend! Except it's actually a clone of her grandma. Still...
  • Will accidentally says "Would you like to ski down me?", instead of "Would you like to ski with me?", to Matt. Bonus points for it being an episode where she's jealous of another girl vying for his affections.

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