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YMMV: Vindictus
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: While it's still around, most characters aren't frowned upon. However, Vella and Kai are still much better than others.
  • Crazy Awesome: Vehemence, one of the Episode 6 bosses, is a Giant Two-Colored Ogre Pope. Who can shoot lightning. And wears a monocle.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: A few minutes into Karok's gameplay video...did he just stop the White Tyrant?
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Most of the boss themes, especially the Gnoll boss theme from Perilous Ruins, the Vampire theme from Ainle, the Irukul theme, and especially Glas Ghaibhleann from Episode 8. In addition, the mission clear theme is always welcome to listen to, even after a thousand missions.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The Succubus from Episode 8. Definitely designed to be Ms. Fanservice, since, as in the original game, certain attacks can cause her clothing to break off (and, unlike most other boss break-offs, there is nothing to pick up and no advantage gained, other than escalating levels of fanservice).
  • Fridge Horror: That awesome gear you are wearing made from gnoll leather? You are wearing the flesh of sentient beings that you killed just to make it. Especially true with the crimson rage set since the only enemy that drops red gnoll leather is the chieftain who you only have to fight once to progress through the game.
    • Not only that, sometimes the gnolls themselves drop gnoll leather armor; meaning they wear their own defeated enemies as protection too.
    • The conflict between the Formors and the Humans? Explained as a divine mandated war of genocide initiated by the humans in order to access heaven. The one who tells you this? Tieve, the cute prophetess who believes this blindly even though she admits to not even knowing if the goddess gives a rat's ass about humans. Puts everything in the game into a new perspective when you realize that you are the bad guy.
      • Well think of it this way, Humanity in this world faces death and sickness, their "heaven" has none of that or at least they think so. Isn't that worth fighting for? As the trailer for NA Vindictus puts it: "The way out is through." Putting it like that makes it more of Grey and Gray Morality. And I say grey and gray because there's no excuse for Ainle.
      • Actually, if you take into account the storyline of Vindictus' prequel Mabinogi, then the previous view is in fact correct. To summarize: the Goddess who promised you paradise? She's the one who actually started the war that's been raging between your race and the enemy's for generations. She promised humans paradise to manipulate them into wiping out the Fomors, who she was once allied with but betrayed after they became too powerful for her liking. After certain revelations in Mabinogi, it seems that the promise was mostly a lie. Additionally, neither side is really evil, once you take another look at their motivations. They're both fighting for survival and there are relatively good and bad individuals on both sides. There are definitely large amounts of Gray and Gray Morality involved here, but the Goddess Morrighan is a deeper shade of gray.
      • Ingkells finds out, which sends him across the Despair Event Horizon and leads him to transform himself (and his subordinates) into powerful Fomors in order to go out with some measure of meaning. And as part of his dying words, "Not even if you kill us all..."
  • Game Breaker: Evie with the Staff update. She can block any attack with mana amber, has insane DPS with powerful spells that have insanely quick cooldowns, and essentially has no trouble soloing any boss.
    • Not really a game breaker. Loading Evie's really powerful spells takes a considerable amount of time, making them effectively useless against the Lightning Bruiser bosses common to higher level missions from Ainle onward. Mana Amber is very short-lived, and requires almost split-second timing. While Evie is one of the most powerful characters at low levels; starting with Ruins of Sanctity, she has a far harder time soloing bosses than Lann or Fiona.
    • Kai is a more traditional Game Breaker in the same sense that bringing a gun to a knife fight is. His shortbow shoots arrows like a semi-automatic pistol (and unlike Evie, he can move while shooting) while his longbow fully averts Annoying Arrows by being outright DEADLY. Couple this with a fairly good dodge and strong special attacks, and you've got a character who can easily deal with any situation, making most of the game trivial.
    • Mastering the timing of Vella's Cross Cut can allow you to flawlessly make a mockery of any boss geared towards direct melee offense; it allows her to harmlessly dodge through attacks while attacking, and the skill Double Cross allows her to to attack again directly after. As if that wasn't enough, another skill of hers passively buffs the damage of Cross Cut and Double Cross, and all you have to do to activate it is attack a few times.
    • And now we have Hurk, who is even more game-breaking than anything that came before him. His specialty is taking world-shattering hits to the face and earning back his lost HP via the Revenge buff. He can also attack nonstop - a high-level skill lets him use HP instead of stamina. Combine these two facts and it gets a little ridiculous. He's got elements of Difficult but Awesome and Magikarp Power, so he's less game-breaking at first, but raise him to endgame levels and...
  • Goddamn Bats: Spiders, and to a lesser extent wisps. Especially if you're carrying an Improvised Weapon, since their attack will make you drop it.
    • Windgun Kobolds found in Hoarfrost Depths. While they're weak and slow, their attacks (while weak in and of themselves) carry a powerful debuff that will cause 400 points of damage before it finally wears off, regardless of your armor or defense.
  • Player Punch: Ellis, who you spend the first two regions' storylines getting to know, is captured and brutally killed in the fourth Ainle mission, "Wake Up Call," by the mission's main boss, Information Chief Kalis.
    • Happens AGAIN in Episode 8, when Gwynn dies Taking the Arrow for Keaghan.
    • Pretty much the entire Episode 10/Season 1 finale. Keaghan goes mad and you have to fight him, Tieve becomes Morrighan, and Keaghan becomes her opposite number.
  • That One Boss: There's a few of these. Most bosses from Ruins of Sanctity onward count if you're aiming for a Solo-Character Run, but even without that, there's a couple of bosses that are outright evil.
    • Black Breeze is the first case of a truly evil boss. He's a Lightning Bruiser whose attacks are nigh-unblockable, and has a couple of Werewolf helpers that are less powerful, durable, smaller, and more blockable...but otherwise just like it. They fight together.
    • The boss of Spider Overload is another bad one. There's a good reason people avoid it like the plague.
    • Blood Lord, oh man why does he hate us so.
    • The Weeping Queen is another avoided one. At first she seems like an over-glorified Laghodessa. And then she summons mid-boss class Soldier Spiders at 4-6 at a time. She can dig underground and pop up anywhere with a brutal attack that can one shot several players. She can jump across the map on anyone she wants (which can also one shot several players). To top it off, unlike Laghodessa or the Giant Spider, she's immune to Lights of Palalas. She may be weeping, but she'll make you weep as well.
    • Now available in Hero Mode.
    • The Reaper. He's the first boss that combines dangerous moves in both melee and long range, and is fast both in his movements and his attacks. First-time players are almost guaranteed to have trouble with him their first time.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Significant changes to Evie's skills and play style were introduced with the Labyrinth expansion. Player reaction to the re-vamped Evie was about 50% this, the rest being neutral or favourable. The changes to her healing powers especially provoked this reaction, even from those who liked the other changes.
    • It's Easy, so It Sucks: The most recent update which added Karok to the NA version of the game also nerfed the difficulty of most bosses. The game's fanbase had a mostly negative reaction to this, as one of the draws of Vindictus is the extreme difficulty of late-game bosses.
      • By contrast, many players liked the nerfing of the Nintendo Hard early-game bosses; as it made solo play possible for many bosses that had previously required insanely well-organized groups to beat.

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