Funny: Vindictus

  • Clodagh all but forcing you to investigate the Weeping Queen (when you were explicitly told to avoid that same place moments earlier)
    Clodagh: Okay, so you'll check it out right?
    Player: No.
    Clodagh: Right?
    Player: No.
    Clodagh: You'll go, won't you?
    Player: ...okay.
  • Kirstie's admitting what horror caused her to go running in a crazed panic. A giant Spider? A Gnoll the size of a mountain. A toad startled her. Its the way you got to force it out her.
  • A gameplay example - It makes for some dark slapstick comedy if you decide to forgo using proper weaponry when killing enemies and just beat them to death with the remains of their petrified comrades.
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