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YMMV: Threads
  • Darker and Edgier: This is REALLY disturbing since it's being compared to The Day After!
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: If you are a cynical soul, you will likely experience this as you watch the film. Then again, the whole point of this film is to demonstrate that in the event of a nuclear war, there will be no happy ending in the aftermath.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: When Jimmy learns that Ruth is pregnant, she tries to calm him down, saying "It's not the end of the world". Three weeks later...
  • Memetic Mutation: Anne Sellors, whose acting career begins and ends with her role in this film as "woman who urinates herself".
    • "There was the skeleton of...a cat! A cat's...skeleton!"
  • Narm: When the first bomb is dropped on the RAF base and there's a flash, we cut to Jimmy's father on the toilet who proceeds to utter "Bloody 'ell!" and tries desperately to pull his trousers up. Because it's important to remember your dignity.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: No matter what those "Protect and Survive" booklets issued by the government told you, There Is No Way To Survive A Nuclear War. It needed to be said, and this film said it loudly and without any signs of sugaring.
  • Squick: The radiation sickness scenes are major examples of this.

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