Tear Jerker / Threads

A woman, who has just survived a nuclear bomb, holding her child, who hasn't.

  • Jimmy's father sitting, staring at Michael's handheld videogame console.
  • Ruth finding, and holding onto Jimmy's book until her death.
  • It's really damn hard to not feel terribly at the woman who's so terrified, she wets herself.
  • Ruth's poor grandmother. She's bundled into a basement, frightened and confused, the city gets bombed and she suffers the indignity of soiling herself, all the while sobbing about how she feels embarrassed and like a baby. And then she dies. The last we see of her, some looters walk past her rotting corpse complaining about the smell, and it's very strongly implied the rats will eat her - she suffers the gruesome indignity of unburied death.
  • Most of the entries in the movie's Nightmare Fuel entry also double as Tear Jerker.
  • Might be a good idea to have a box of tissues going in.