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YMMV: The House of Night

  • Anvilicious:
    • Slightly mitigated by the fact that the books largely are in her point of view, and some of them later prove to be ironic or character developing as Zoey matures, but it still constitutes bad writing when the narrative is suddenly derailed for a few paragraphs to talk about how blowjobs are only something done by skanks and means the girl is being used.
    • Pot usage gets it really bad as well. In Betrayed, there's one point where the conversation about a missing teenage boy is put on hold to talk about how un-cool he is for experimenting with pot.
    • Aphrodite is constantly put down for being a "slut", despite only being involved with two guys in the whole series, the second with whom the relationship is incredibly serious. Compare that to how many boys the main character is stringing along at any given moment...
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment
    • Why is Erik the new Tracker? How is he the new Tracker? A Tracker hasn't appeared since page 2, Book 1...
    • In Chosen, Zoey has two guys run down with a truck just because they posed a threat to Heath. It is never mentioned again.
  • Designated Villain: We're supposed to think Kayla's a bitch for freaking out over Zoey drinking Heath's blood, and then going to the police when Zoey threatens to do the same to her.
  • Evil Is Sexy
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Stevie Rae, Rephaim and Kramisha are quite popular with the Fandom.
  • Flat Character: The books have been criticized having horribly one-note characters. Interestingly enough, most of them seem to be getting phased out by the later books.
  • Idiot Plot: All of Hunted. For starters, End of the World as We Know It has just begun, Raven Mockers potentially everywhere and anywhere waiting for them to venture above ground, the weather outside is blizzard conditions, so what does Zoey do? She goes outside with Heath to say goodbye. It just so happens that a Raven Mocker is outside (waiting for her specifically) and it then goes to attack Heath. Now Zoey could have done many things here. She could have summoned her elements to immediately and attacked the Raven Mocker, or dragged Heath to her and headed back to the Depot, or headed towards Heath's car and used it for cover while she thought of something to do or screamed for help (what with Erik being relatively close by). What she does do is push Heath out of the way and takes the hit for Heath instead and almost ends up nearly dying because of it. Um What? The idiocy is futher compounded due to the fact that Zoey has already fought off Raven Mockers before by using her elements.
  • Jerkass Woobie: While Aphrodite is a gigantic bitch, you have to feel bad for her from having abusive parents. It's also unfair how she's called a slut or hoe, even though she's only has been in two relationships. (And actually serious about the second one!)
    • Not to mention her seizure-like visions, which don't seem to be very pleasant for her (if only because she constantly is forced to watch scenes of death and destruction) and cause her parents to bully her even more into using them to gain leverage and power. She also becomes more pitiable when it becomes more apparent that she is having visions of something very horrific on the way and seems aware to some degree that Neferet is involved and can't be trusted. Oh, and Neferet covers her own ass by ruining Aphrodite's reputation even more than it already is, spreading the word that her visions are fake and telling Aphrodite that she has lost Nyx's favor (more or less the equivalent of a teacher telling a student "You did something so bad that God hates you now).
    • Besides Aphrodite, Kalona could be considered a perfect example of this trope. Chapter 5 of Revealed, anyone?
  • Mary Sue:
    • Zoey is one. While her being chosen by the goddess Nyx for a special mission and having special powers probably wouldn't make her qualify for this title alone (as hero/heroines are typically expected to have some degree of specialness), her other character traits - receiving almost constant attention from other characters (especially those of the opposite sex), being Easily Forgiven, most characters who dislike her being immediately deemed evil (Aphrodite being the only exception, as she hates everyone equally), being of an exotic Cherokee heritage, and having a broken home life that she regularly angsts about - seem like enough to make her cross the line. Then again, some of this perfection can be justified by the sheer amount of training required of fledglings; basically, if you're not doing absurdly well at near everything, you're probably going to fall down coughing by the next chapter.
    • Some readers believe that Stevie Rae is headed this way as well, though she's nowhere near Zoey's level. Yet.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: The entire series is seen and judged through Zoey's sense of morality. Even in Tempted and Burned (when different POV's and Loads and Loads of Characters are introduced), if someone has different opinion than Zoey's, they're considered to be having an OOC moment at best, or they're automatically considered to be a horrible bitch and/or in cahoots with the Big Bad.
    • Kalona, despite pretty much being the cause for every single bad thing that's ever happened in the series, is judged by Zoey to be capable of redemption. Why? Because in a past life Zoey was in love with him.
    • The Big Bad, despite a pretty legitimate Freudian Excuse, has yet to ever have a chapter in their POV explaining why and how they have become the very thing they have always hated the most. The Big Bad has been written off as a monster. Why? Because Loren's real lover was Neferet and she sent him to seduce Zoey and segregate her from her friends and allies. Neferet also flirted with Erik when Zoey was still in love with him despite the fact that he wasn't dating anyone and he was a Changed Vampyre.
      • Well, Neferet got her own novella. She only starts Slowly Slipping Into Evil at the end- when she is raped, so there isn't much detail on it. Still, it's something.
    • The majority of characters (and a large portion of the Fandom) consider Loren Blake to be idealized. Why? Because he was young good-looking substitute professor and because Zoey was in love with him and Death Equals Redemption. Loren Blake was a sexual predator and a Manipulative Bastard. Ontop of that, he decided to toy with the feelings of the Big Bad... A serious case of Too Dumb to Live and Hoist by His Own Petard. He knew what the Big Bad wanted and why she wanted him to do it and went along with her plans with no remorse.
    • When Venus is introduced she has just recently regained her humanity but she is deemed a horrible bitch and possibly evil in the first chapter of Hunted. She is also hated by the fandom considerably. Despite the fact that Venus's personality is very close to that of Aphrodite, PC Cast's favourite character and most popular character with the Fandom. Why? Because she DARED to flirt with Erik infront of Zoey and hooked up with him when Zoey and Erik broke up. Zoey was telling herself that it was wrong to behave and think the way she did, didn't stop it anyway.
    • Not to mention how Zoey and her friends all call Aphrodite a "ho" for dating two guys, even though she began going out with the second one only sometime after the first one and is genuinely serious about him. Zoey, meanwhile, has dated/flirted with no less than four guys, lost her virginity to her teacher Loren while she was dating Erik and letting Heath continually lure her into feasting on his blood, and she repeatedly calls herself out for being unable to settle on one guy. And yet when Erik calls her out on this in a later book, he's dismissed as just a jealous jerk by all her friends and we're clearly meant to disagree with her being a ho even when she keeps on saying that she is and is right.
    • Raven Mockers are mindless creatures of Darkness and they should all be wiped out. Everybody agrees with the Kill 'em All attitude and, as of Burned, around twenty Raven Mockers have been killed. Even the idea of giving them a burial is seen as strange. The only exception is Stevie Rae and when she raises valid points of What Measure Is a Non-Human? and If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him not only does every character tell her she's wrong but she is suspected of secretly turning over to The Dark Side.
    • Speaking of Stevie Rae, how is it okay for the Red Fledglings that haven't "Chosen" yet to be running around killing people? Even after she gives them multiple chances to choose, and they try to kill her and her friends multiple times, she ends up just chasing them away/exiling them... as if wherever they end up, they'll be any less evil and bloodthirsty? Maybe it's just a weakness moment or something, but the fact that they're Red Fledglings and thus "her people" seems to be what keeps her from stopping them from murdering any more innocents... permanently.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Many readers find the mythological and action/adventure parts of the series to be much more interesting and compelling than the romantic parts. And some have just plain stopped caring about which boy Zoey will end up with out of her neverending Unwanted Harem.
    • It's probably telling that the most highly rated book of this series on Amazon is Untamed, the one where Zoey's love problems don't take up a large part of the plot.
  • Self-Insert Fic: Zoey is essentially a more perfect version of Kristen Cast. According to Wikipedia, they based the character on her so she would be easier to write. Yeah...
    • It also doesn't help that Kristen said that Zoey is her favorite character.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot - The following subplots have not been/were not really resolved:
    • Zoey and her Christian Fundementalist mother (her mother was killed by Neferet as of the most recent book).
    • The High Council and the election of a new Vampyre High Priestess
    • The Twins and their respective boyfriends. One stood up against the Raven Mockers, the other didn't.
    • The Rogue Red Fledglings and the secret orders they're receiving from Neferet.
    • The potential war between Humans and Vampyre, which if declared will be The End of the World as We Know It. As the story stands there is still considerable tensions between the two parties due to the recent murders of two professors (see Van Helsing Hate Crimes), which still haven't been solved in-universe.
    • Neferet's motivations for doing the things she's been doing. Broken Bird turned Well-Intentioned Extremist or was it just For the Evulz?
  • Unfortunate Implications: The Extensive and ever growing amount of Unfortunate Implications are covered in this blog, including a book by book rundown of all of the misogyny, homophobia, racism, et cetera that is prevelant in the series. To give some specific examples:
    • Smoking pot makes you a worthless idiot that deserves to die.
    • Giving a blowjob is something only degraded women do when they're being used by their significant others, and it's a sign of suppression and isn't something people with mutual respect for each other would do. Women who do so are evil sluts! The men who recieve them aren't judged.
    • Related: If a girl is trying to give a guy a blowjob while he repeatedly refuses her, the bad part is that she's a slutty slut, not that she's trying to force sex on him. In fact, let's just focus entirely on what a whore she is, and completely forget about the other part! (This is a blink-and-miss-it moment, since the authors don't seem to realize what they wrote—in the first book, Zoe comes upon Aphrodite trying to coerce Erik into receiving oral sex from her, he keeps telling her no, so she slashes a cut in his thigh and drinks from it, an action which can be sexual for vampires/fledglings.)
    • It's ok to knock two men under a truck (who are described and mocked as stereotypical black men with low pants) for making lewd suggestions upon seeing you dry humping your not boyfriend in his truck in the middle of a parking lot. Why? Because you're the protagonist, hell you never need to think about it again after that night!
    • Sexually loose behavior is only okay when it's the main character, and she doesn't mean to be a slut. Not like that bitch Aphrodite!
    • It's okay to be gay! ...just remember to point it out every time you have a conversation. Heck, you might as well name yourself after one of the cowboys from Brokeback Mountain and save yourself the trouble.
    • Gay men aren't as "manly" as straight men. The more camp a gay man is the less likeable they are.
    • Lesbians are all snooty secret-cult types who shun the real world in favor of each other.
      • Plus, lesbians aren't actually lesbians. They only say that so that they can get attention from men.
    • Having Cherokee blood makes you exotic and means you'll be more in-tune spiritually than everyone else.
    • If you are a important historical figure of any kind, odds are that you are a vamp. Because there is no way a lowly mortal could achieve anything even remotely extraordinary (or cool) without supernatural aid.
    • Oh, you suffer from a potentially life-threatening disorder that causes you to despise your reflection, have zero self-esteem, and starve yourself to skin and bones/force yourself to puke up every meal? Ugh, what a freak. And you probably only got one because of how vain you are.
    • Loren's out-of-nowhere courtship of Zoey (who is a student and underage) is treated as respectable and romantic and not worthy of any reason for suspicion at all. While he does turn out to be taking advantage of her, Zoey and Stevie Rae apparently can't think of any reason why an of-age teacher suddenly romantically pursuing an underage student would be inappropriate, besides it being considered culturally unacceptable.
    • Oh, you say you're Christian/Jewish/Muslim? Well, now that you're a vampyre you worship Nyx. This will not be debated. Besides, Nyx is so much better than that stupid male God, you won't miss a thing!
    • And let us not forget one of the biggest, the authors were very open about how Zoey was based off of Kristin Cast, and how she would act in the various situations. Now, look at the questionable tropes associated with Zoey and her behavior. Yeah...
    • Erik's treatment of Zoey after she sleeps with Loren is treated as if ZOEY is the victim. Given, Erik could have been a touch bit more mature about it, but Zoey defends herself so passionately it's ridiculous.

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