YMMV: The Adventures of Robin Hood

The movie

  • Awesome Music: Doubling as well as Awesome Music Of Crowning, the "March of the Merry Men," as it recurs in the coronation scene, is a riot of trumpet fanfares, soaring violins, and glittering harpstrings.
  • Tough Act to Follow: For many this is the definitive film version of Robin Hood.
  • What an Idiot: Marian's attempts to hide the fact that she is trying to warn the King are ... less than convincing. She writes a letter to King Richard, telling him of the assassination plot and then hears a knock on her bedroom door. Despite the fact that there is a) a lady's maid next to her who successfully hides and b) a fire burning on the hearth right behind her, she neither gives the letter to the maid nor throws it in the fire, nor does she seek a delay with the obvious "I'm getting dressed!" or somesuch. Instead she puts it in a conspicious box on a table that she claps shut and still has her hands on when Sir Guy bursts through the door, and that she stares at while he toys with it.

The TV series

  • Ear Worm: Even hearing the name "Robin Hood" will make most people start humming this show's theme tune.