Trivia / The Adventures of Robin Hood

The movie

  • AFIS 100 Years 100 Thrills: #100
  • AFIS 100 Years 100 Heroes And Villains:
    • #18 Hero, Robin Hood
  • AFIS 100 Years Of Film Scores: #11
  • Deleted Scene: We only see the last part of what was originally a longer sequence of Robin recruiting Friar Tuck. Originally Robin forces Tuck to carry him across the river, then Tuck overcomes Robin and forces him to carry him back, and finally the part seen in the film where Robin regains the advantage. This results in both of them having inexplicably wet legs before they enter the river.
  • Fake Brit: Errol Flynn was Australian.
  • Hollywood Homely: In the episode, "A Husband For Marian", Marian's servant is described as "the homeliest woman in Britain". While certainly no Marian, the woman is rather nice looking in a plain sort of way.
  • The Merch: This was one of the first British shows to have a licencing agreement to produce tie-in toys. With its appeal to children, the Airfix model company was allowed to produce two sets of character figures, representing Robin Hood's forces, and a set of the Sheriff of Nottingham's men. While the tie-in Sheriff's Castle is no longer available as a kitnote , the model figures are still available today to collectors and wargamers, and are thought of as having lasted well for 1950's designs.
  • Production Posse: Shares many key cast (Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone) and crew (direct Michael Curtiz, composer Erich Korngold, fight arranger Fred Cavens) with Captain Blood.
  • Those Two Actors: This was the third of eight films Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland made together.