YMMV / That Dude in the Suede

  • Anticlimax Boss: In Suburban Knights Part 5.
  • Awesome Music: His theme songs, especially Animenia's ("How Do You Have Your Tea?" by Urbantramper).
  • Bile Fascination: The man seems to have none, since most of the terrible american anime he references in his "Top 11 American Anime" video, while initially receiving negative reception, got more positive ones by the end of their runs.
  • Broken Base: According to his Trigun review, half his viewer base hates him for not being more like The Nostalgia Critic and the other half hates him for being too much like The Nostalgia Critic.
  • Critical Backlash:
    • In his Suede's Pokemon Journey video series, Suede gave an F grade to "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion", one of the most well-liked and well remembered of the original Kanto episodes, on the grounds of it sending a harmful message that someone who's different from the norm ought to be shunned and abused, and that abusive tactics can be "for your own good" and should be lauded when it gets results that are to the benefit of the abuse victim. The majority of commentators on the video expressed outrage and disagreement, many of them expressing that such a message did not and would not occur to viewers of the episode at all, so Suede had to be really reaching with his interpretation of what the episode's supposed "moral" was in order to justify giving the episode an undeservedly low grade.
    • Again in that same series, many were put off by his review of "Holy Matrimony!" getting stretched out longer than the usual videos due to him dedicating a large part of it's time talking about LGBTQ issues and how the character of James might have a positive effect on gay or trans viewers of the show, even showing commentary on the matter from Jacob Chapman. Commentators accused Suede of getting on a political soapbox and talking about issues that had no place being talked about in a video about a children's anime whose creators likely didn't give the issues any thought. A few of them did think the topic was worth covering, but that it should have been saved for the later episode "Go West, Young Meowth" since that episode actually inspired Meowth's voice actor, the late Maddie Blaustein, to come out as trans and get a sex change.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The nice curtains.
    • Hell, Suede himself. The guy was on the site for a couple of months before disappearing for over two years, and yet look at the size of his TV Tropes page relative to any of the other Channel Awesome contributors' (Save for Doug, Linkara or Spoony).
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • In the first episode of AMV Heaven he mentions that some viewers thought he was getting money from other people's works from REVV∃Я. Months after he went into hiatus, the site switched to blip.tv after months of delayed REVV∃Я payments.
    • The questionable comments about Jew Wario using a female avatar in the first Pokemon movie review is harder to sit through after Linkara's ex-girlfriend Iron Liz, as well as later host JesuOtaku, came out as trans.note 
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In his Mewtwo Returns review, he complained about Mewtwo's claim that he and his clones can never live among normal Pokemon despite there being absolutely no evidence supporting this fact. Later, we find out that Mewtwo CAN live among normal Pokemon!
  • Memetic Badass: Got this reputation in the fandom after a fanfic featured in Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre showed him beating Doctor Insano.
  • Pandering to the Base: The good angel in his Trigun review convinces him to listen to his fans by saying that it will make him more money.
  • Unexpected Character: In direct contrast to the below-mentioned example, no one was expecting JO's guest (audio-only) appearance in episode 48 of "Suede's Pokemon Journey". Even less expected since he wasn't named at first and his voice had changed significantly due to the progress he's been making in his transition.
  • The Untwist: Many people figured out that the person who would replace JewWario in his Pokémon 4Ever review would be JesuOtaku way before the review even came out. Jesu himself ended up revealing it by changing his Twitter avatar to his anime form from the review, several months before the review itself. Whether because of this or not, the review itself plays with this by revealing the silhouette of Jesu seen in the previous review is actually a Ditto pretending to be him.