Heartwarming / That Dude in the Suede

  • His announcement that he was leaving, and his heartfelt thanks to all his viewers. He genuinely misses being able to update...
  • On the other side of the coin, there's his return video. The song really helps.
  • His review of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time ends on a rather touching note, on just how honest he sounds in praising a movie that genuinely affected him.
  • His moment in the 2012 Channel Awesome Holiday Video where he thanks his fans for all their support.
  • During his crossover review of the first Pokemon movie, Suede, Linkara, and Jew Wario go over how they all got into Pokemon. Jew Wario's story in particular is very heartwarming. He worked at a game store and his boss had him play one of the original pokemon video games in order to see whether he should stock up on the tie-in card game that was coming out. Naturally, he told him to be ready for a lot of kids who'd want a lot of cards. Their store was apparently the only one in Colorado that did not run out of cards. Not only that, but he started a club that made see-through covers with English translations on them for the Japanese cards so that people could use the newest cards available. And on top of that he'd make his own homemade Pokemon badges, and kids who came to the shop to play him would get one if they won.
  • In his pilot episode of weekly vlogs, he announced that his son was born. You can hear the little guy in in the background.