Trivia / That Dude in the Suede

  • His favourite Magic: The Gathering cards are Baneslayer Angel, Platinum Angel and Guardian Seraph. He also made a drawing of a young Sorin Markov, that he uses as his DeviantArt icon.
  • He is a veteran AMV maker and won various Christchurch AMV contests.
  • He had a ponytail in 2007.
  • He comissoned his wife (then girlfriend) to draw this.
  • His computer hardware is an 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 iMac and his editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.
  • After finishing his missionary duties in Auckland he went back to Christchurch, where he stayed for three months. He then had to go to Auckland to go to San Francisco to go to Utah to marry. He then went to Chicago with his wife to participate in the TGWTG Year 3 shoot. He then went back to Christchurch, where he lived in a caravan parked in front lawn of his parents' house that he rented from them for two months. He now lives with his wife in a house they rented from a Russian language professor until November.
  • The reason why he used the Sheath Strike in Suburban Knights was because the katana used was real, and he accidentally cut Rob Walker's forehead.