Tear Jerker / That Dude in the Suede

  • His return in Suburban Knights part 5 can be this to old-school TGWTG fans, especially when you consider what happened in his life around the time of the shooting: he had just returned from a two year absence; even if you overlook the facts that everybody on the site switched from REVV∃Я to blip.tv, making him (possibly) lose 2 years of ad revenue, the entire topography of the site had changed in his absence (he asked for help in his Twitter because he couldn't find the new Premium Area), he was no doubt still adjusting to life back at home. And on top of that, he got married not three weeks before filming.
    • Doug moved all of Suede's videos to Blip during the hiatus, hosting them on his own channel. No doubt Suede's gotten that money back.
  • JewWario's (now-permanent) exit from the Pokemon film reviews. In the "4-Ever" review, there's even a title card informing the viewer how far to fast-forward if they don't want to hear one of Justin's final recorded bits.
    • It gets worse. A fair number of JewWario's comments after the required face gag revolve around the concept of departing because he felt unwanted there, but that he'd be back after a few reviews. Yeah...