YMMV / Tails Adventure

  • Awesome Music: Poloy Forest's theme.
  • Best Level Ever: Ironically, the underwater levels are some of the best parts of the game considering the reputation most water levels have in the rest of the series. It helps that you get a cool submarine and that you can't drown.
  • Snark Bait: While a genuinely enjoyable game, Tails Adventure unfortunately falls under this to some fans due to its slow and radically different gameplay and the poor reputation of other Game Gear spinoffs including its sister game Tails' Skypatrol.
  • That One Boss: The first encounter with Speedy is annoying because it's a vertical ascent where if he hits you or you bump into spikes, you might fall a long way before you can start going up again, and there's an esoteric glitch (at least on the Sonic Gems Collection version) where you might fall out of the stage and get ejected to the world map for no good reason, meaning you have to hike it back there to try again.
  • Woolseyism: The Western story makes a lot more sense when you consider certain things: Tails logically should not have been easy prey for Dr. Robotnik after already taking out an entire army on his own, obtaining medallions of people he's never met doesn't make sense, and this would also explain his absence in Sonic Blast.