YMMV / Tails Adventure

  • Awesome Music: Poloy Forest's Theme.
  • Best Level Ever: Ironically the underwater levels are some of the best parts of the game considering the reputation water levels have in the rest of the series. It helps that you get a cool submarine and that you can't drown.
  • Bizarro Episode: Its a fun side scroller, but the slow paced action rpg like gameplay is a big change of pace from other Sonic titles.
  • That One Boss: Two, though mild compared to other games within and outside the Sonic series. The first dealing with Speedy is annoying because it's a vertical ascent (though the game drops infinite flight time on you for basically no reason) where if he hits you or you bump into spikes, you might fall a long way before you can start going up again, and there's an esoteric glitch (at least on the Sonic Gems version) where you might fall out of the stage and get ejected to the world map for no good reason, meaning you have to hike it back there to try again.
    • The other one is the boss of the Volcanic Tunnel, dealt with on the second visit to the area. The first phase is dirt simple since you can just hover over it and drop bombs until its head explodes (revealing the pilot), but the second phase has a consistent bullet spam that can get very trippy. 2 damage a hit piles up after a while. You might get knocked out if you let it drag on too long, resulting in (again) having to hike it back through a fair stretch of land to get back to it.
      • Though it's possible to follow a different path that takes you behind the boss and toss remote bombs into its back until it explodes, avoiding all the bullet spam and turning the boss into a Zero-Effort Boss.