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YMMV: Shadow Warrior (1997)
aka: Shadow Warrior

  • Demonic Spiders: Coolies, they are common, slightly resistant and fast, and their only attack is getting near you and exploding but that's not enough because once they die they return as annoying flying ghosts.
    • Rippers. They take 5-6 full shots from the riot gun to down, they're incredibly fast, come in packs, and deal tons of damage to you if given the chance.
  • Goddamned Bats: The hornets. They're small, very fast, and can come in a small fleet. Of course, with 1 HP, they are easy to kill. Good luck trying to hit them.
  • Most Annoying Sound : The replacement for the standard ninja enemies in the Wanton Destruction expansion will make you tear your ears out with their repetitive, squeaky chanting in pseudo-Chinese. It doesn't help that you'll be hearing it in every single level.
    • The Rippers let out a scream when you damage them. It's not annoying unto itself unless you're using the Riot Gun, where the sound will play over itself seven times!. If you used the alternate fire, then it's 28!

alternative title(s): Shadow Warrior
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